11 Best Zero Gravity Chair Brands (2024) | Recliner for Your Back!

I have chronic back pain, and I work with pain-challenged clients daily. Zero gravity is touted as a miracle cure for pain, heart issues, and inflammation.

I tried numerous therapies, and so did my clients. We, like many others, found that zero gravity recliners help ease many symptoms.

If you’re like most people, a zero gravity chair will help you. My editor’s choice for the best zero gravity recliner is the PC-420 from Human Touch.

This model offers you top comfort and high-quality materials, and it’s easy to customize depending on your needs.

The other chairs in this review reduce your pain and swelling. I selected indoor models, as well as outdoor ones.

Some are best for chronic pain, others for relaxing in front of the TV. Read along to understand which model is best for you.

Best Products:

  • 1. Perfect Chair “PC-420” – Best #1 Zero Gravity Recliner Overall (Editor’s Choice)
  • 2. Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair – Good For Camping
  • 3. Perfect Chair PC-610 – Best For Tall People
  • 4. Svago ZGR Plus Dual Power – with Vibration and Heat
  • 5. Homall Single Recliner Chair Padded Seat PU Leather – Best For Indoors
  • 6. Cozzia Dual Power ZG Recliner – For Sleeping
  • 7. Esright Massage Recliner Chair – For Back Pain
  • 8. JUMMICO Fabric Recliner – For Lower Back Pain
  • 9. RecPro Charles Euro Chair Recliner – Good Chair for Back Pain
  • 10. Best Choice Products Folding Zero Lounge Chair with Canopy – Good For Summer And Beach
  • 11. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Lounge Chair – for Outdoor Use

Best Zero Gravity Recliner Chairs (Reviews for 2024)

I’ve tried and tested all top picks below, some of them before buying them for my family, and others before recommending them to clients. Some clients who complain about their choice of recliners ask me to test their chairs to see what’s wrong.

This article comprises the results from my experience and those of my clients. Not all models solve the same particular set of problems. That’s why I discussed the recliners’ features below in terms of their benefits to you.

1. Human Touch Perfect Chair “PC-420” – #1 Zero Gravity Recliner Chair

Perfect Chair PC-420

The Human Touch is my #1 choice due to its durable construction, reliable brand, and superior comfort. I have this exact recliner at my home, and 20 minutes on the Human Touch and I am completely relaxed — both mentally and physically. It is really that good!

I recommend this armchair because its expert-approved design ensures comfort, durability, and no more back pain. Let’s check some of the benefits to you:

  • Top materials. The leather upholstery is resistant, easy to clean, and doesn’t tear easily. This quality leather is also breathable. The high-tensile steel frame won’t rust or lose its color, so the chair will look elegant for years. The parawood base is also resistant and stylish, while the foam contours your shape and take the pressure off your body.
  • Ultimate comfort. The expert-approved design provides amazing assist thanks to these features:
    • The full-support head pillow sports an articulated headrest to minimize shoulder and neck strain.
    • The armrests are plush and extend to assist your upper body even when in full recline.
    • The lumbar support is easy to adjust with a release valve.
  • Easy to recline. The lever is easy to operate, so you can get into a zero-gravity position smoothly. HT has mimicked NASA’s zero-gravity technology. This precise design ensures users like you get all the benefits of zero gravity.
  • Easy to customize. You can choose different upholsteries and wood-based finishes for your chair that will fit your home décor. You can upgrade the filling to Memory Foam PLUS if you need additional assist or choose therapeutic Jade Heat if you need to get rid of persistent pain and knots.
  • Durable
  • Sleek design
  • Quality materials
  • Full-body support
  • NASA-inspired zero-gravity
  • Extra customizations available
  • 5-year warranty
  • Not height-adjustable
  • Expensive

Summary: The PC-420 is the great choice if you are willing to pay a little extra to ease chronic pain and muscle knots. Get PC-420 if you need various customizations from an ergonomic recliner.


2. Caravan Sports Infinity – Best For Camping

Caravan Recliner

If you’re into camping and hiking, you know how sore you can get after a day of roaming around with a heavy backpack or doing chores around the camp.

It is a great choice for camping because it’s relaxing, it reduces pain, plus it’s compact enough for your van.

Let’s face it; you’re probably going to pack a few foldable chairs for your camping trip, so why not bring an ergonomic recliner model that keeps you pain-free? You can choose CS Infinity thanks to its benefits:

  • Durable, outdoor materials. This recliner will last you for a long time and will keep you safe because:
    • Textilene 2X1 fabric doesn’t tear when you sit constantly if you’re under 300 pounds.
    • The double bungee system offers you increased security because it suspends the fabric innovatively.
    • The steel frame ensures you’ll have a partner in crime for longer. Furthermore, you won’t have to deal with rust and scratches, thanks to the powder-coated steel.
  • Smooth recline. You can recline the chair easily without bending awkwardly or hearing funny noises. Thanks to the dual fingertip locking system, you can secure the Infinity in most positions. The trouble is you can’t make it to be a lay-flat recliner and that it doesn’t stay completely fixed.
  • Portable. When you’re camping, you need a light chair with quality materials like Infinity. Plus, you can easily store it in your trunk because the chair folds down to 6.3 x 5.5 inches.
  • Comfortable. Here’s why you will get good support, improve your posture, and minimize back pain:
    • The Textilene upholstery fits your shape because it’s firm and contouring.
    • The curved, padded armrests take the pressure off your neck and muscles.
    • The backrest and seat meet at an acute angle. This design keeps your hips aligned to your spine and open at a correct angle.
    • The adjustable headrest minimizes upper body strain, and it’s very comfortable for reclining.
  • Smooth recline with infinite lock
  • Foldable
  • Contouring and supportive
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Doesn’t fully recline
  • Can’t be locked completely

Summary: Caravan Sports Infinity is a durable, comfortable, and supportive camping chair if you have chronic back pain. However, it doesn’t recline completely, and the tilt lock isn’t very secure. Get this model if you want to lift your legs up and take the pressure off your back.


3. Perfect Chair Human Touch PC-610 – Best For Tall People


PC-610 has similar features to PC-420, but it’s XL so it’s best if you prefer a roomier, taller chair. My husband has one of these because he liked my PC-420 so much. He is very happy with the weight distribution, the leather quality, and his extra Jade Heat kit.

PC-610 has other benefits too:

  • Top materials. If you want a chair that’s durable, rust, tears, and scratch-resistant, PC-610 does the job. Top materials like PC-LiVe Premium Leather, high-tensile frame, and parawood base are all durable. Plus, they make your chair look sleek.
  • PC-LIVE 3D Easepoint technology. PC-610 helps remove your pressure points and pain thanks to the patented fluid-cell seat. This material ensures you’ll experience ideal 3D pressure distribution with no achy joints.
  • Fluid zero-gravity recline. All you have to do is use your body weight to shift the angles between 125ᵒ and 175ᵒ. You also get increased comfort thanks to the independent leg rest. Not a lot of chairs let you fix the backrest incline and leg elevation separately.
  • Full support. You can maintain a pain-free, correct posture because this model is truly ergonomic. You’ll enjoy features such as a headrest, adjustable lumbar, extended armrests, and extra-long footrests. The Patented Orthonomic body frame, fluid-cell seat cushion, and foam contour your shape for optimal assistance as well. However, some people complain about the firm foam.
  • 5-way controller for Infinite tilt lock recline and zero-G
  • Patented Orthonomic body frame with a built-in lumbar curve
  • Long footrest
  • Brake system
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Oversized design
  • 5-year factory warranty
  • Good weight capacity
  • Not as cushiony as a Lazy Boy
  • The lumbar support is difficult to adjust
  • Expensive

Summary: Although HT PC-610 isn’t a cushioned chair, it provides all the assistance and ergonomic comfort you need to alleviate back pain. Get this model if you want to find the right position for your needs quickly. The patented ergonomic features, long footrest, and independent back and leg tilting guarantee you maximum adjustability.


4. Svago ZGR Plus Dual Power – Best Zero Gravity Massage Recliner

ZGR Svago Plus

Most of my clients with compressed disc pain have seen improvements with Svago ZGR Plus. Your doctor probably already told you that massage and therapeutic heat would help you a lot.

Svago ZVR is among the top zero-gravity massage recliners. You will experience consistent pain release thanks to its top construction, true zero-G, and effective massage.

  • Plush and stylish. If you like cushiony models, this chair is comfortably padded and fluffed. You’ll like synthetic PU leather because it’s breathable and smooth. If you like elegant furniture, the solid birch wood base will probably fit your living room decor.
  • Easy to use. You don’t want a struggle each time you recline your chair. Thanks to an intuitive remote, you can easily help you select the ideal incline for the seatback and footrest. The good news is you can tilt the backrest and footrest independently.
  • Effective massage. You will enjoy gentle massages as the nodes pulsate and vibrate. You can say goodby to your sore muscles too because the soothing heat therapy increases the massage effectiveness.
  • Ergonomic design. If you’re struggling with an incorrect posture, Svago ZGR can help you. This chair has supportive elements that keep your shoulders, spine, and hips aligned. In addition, the Sensitemp memory foam pillow takes the pressure off your body and adjusts to your shape.
  • Ergonomic adjustments. A recliner needs to be ergonomic, supportive, and easy to adjust. Choose Svago ZGR Plus because:
    • You’ll have no issues adjusting the headrest in all positions.
    • The armrests extend to keep you supported in all positions.
    • The removable Sensi-Temp foam lumbar pillow takes the pressure off your back to minimize lumbar pain.
  • Ergonomic design and padding
  • Breathable
  • Solid
  • White leather zero gravity chair
  • Intuitive
  • Vibration and heat massage
  • Multiple adjustments
  • Some people claim they can feel the frame through the backrest
  • The chair doesn’t fit small doorways

Summary: The Svago ZGR Plus is the great choice if you have chronic pain. Get this model if you need multiple available adjustments from an ergonomic model.


5. Homall Single Padded Seat PU Leather – For Indoors

Homall Recliners

The Homall Single Recliner Chair is the best indoor zero gravity model because it’s a push-back recliner that’s skin-friendly and low-maintenance.

If you have a petite figure, want an affordable recliner, Homall Single will help you get your feet up once in a while. Here are some other features:

  • Medium-quality materials. You’ll find the faux leather upholstery is sleek, stylish. You’ll discover the thick sponge padding is a bit firm and wears out after a while, but it offers high permeability. I think the steel used for the frame is a tough material. Steel because it is long-lasting and resistant to rust, but the chair can only support 265 pounds.
  • Ergonomic design. All the chair’s parts contribute to good support and pain relief:
    • The wide, adjustable footrest improves your blood circulation and minimizes your foot pain.
    • The armrests, seat, and backrest are all large and curved to ensure you maintain a correct posture.
    • The built-in headrest takes the pressure off your shoulders and neck.
  • Versatile recline. The backrest is already slightly reclined so you can rest better. You can also adjust it to about 125ᵒ and 150ᵒ if you want to read or nap.
  • Vibration massage. You will get a medium-quality vibration massage thanks to the two vibrating massage nodes on the back. The massage will reduce your tension knots, and you can adjust its intensity, but it’s not the most effective massage for pain relief.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Built-in headrest
  • Good for achy feet
  • Versatile uses (reading, napping, watching TV, relaxing)
  • Vibration massage
  • Low-quality stitches
  • Not durable
  • Not true zero-G

Summary: Homall is best if you’re a short person and want an affordable model to watch TV or nap. Get this chair if you want an ergonomic sitting position and lumbar vibration massage.


6. Cozzia Dual Power ZG – For Sleeping

Cozzia Dual Power

If you’re like most people with spinal surgery, you can’t find a comfy sleep position easily. Many of my clients found that Cozzia Dual Power ZG Recliner was the only place they could sleep in.

This model is best for sleeping because it’s plush, safe, and sturdy, and easy to control.

Here are other features to consider:

  • Good materials. You will find a soft, plush chair upholstered in resistant bonded leather. The solid beechwood base will look sleek in your home. Bonus: if you’re on the heavy side, this chair withstands 400 pounds.
  • True Zero-gravity. Cozzia puts you into a true zero-gravity position with the single push of a button. With your knees above your heart level, you will feel the benefits of improved circulation and pressure-free recline.
  • Various positions. Cozzia is a versatile chair because the footrest and backrest work independently. You can set your chair to various positions depending on your needs.
  • Soothing massage. If you have chronic pain as I did, vibration and heat therapy are good tools to fight against it. After the massage eliminates painful knots, you can drift to sleep easier and safely, considering the chair stops automatically after 15 minutes.
  • Plush
  • Stylish
  • Holds 400 pounds
  • True Zero-g
  • Versatile
  • Independent back and footrest
  • Vibration and heat massage
  • No remote
  • The massage nodes don’t reach very high on the back or lower on your feet

Summary: Cozzia Dual Power is plush, it alleviates backaches, and it relaxes you before naptime. Get this chair if you want a soothing vibration and heat massage where you can sleep well and get up rested.


7. Esright – Best For Lower Back Pain

Esright Massage Recliner Chairs

My husband and I are long-time back pain sufferers. When he was diagnosed with compressed discs, he got the Esright to see if he could keep his pain in check without surgery.

Esright can be the best home chair for lower back pain because this model reclines, rocks vibrate and uses heat. These features combined will alleviate your chronic back pain according to many studies.

If you’re also in pain every time you move, the cup holders and side storage bags will help a lot.

Here are some extra benefits:

  • Relaxing and pain-free. The chair will reduce your back pain because you can choose and combine vibration, soothing heat, rocking, and reclining. Use these functions; however, you need to reduce pressure and pain.
  • Medium-quality materials. Esright is affordable, so it doesn’t use grade-A materials. However, you will like the smooth faux leather upholstery and the extra-thick sponge padding. Although not as durable and contouring as memory foam, this padding is good if you want limited use.
  • User-friendly extras. If you’re in pain or tired, you may dislike constantly getting up for drinks, snacks, or magazines. Luckily, the Esright Recliner has incorporated cup holders and storage bags.
  • Easy to use. The chair reclines to 140ᵒ, and you can easily adjust the angle manually. The intuitive remote control for the massage function helps you set five modes and two intensity levels. That way, you can customize the massage according to your needs and preferences.
  • Eight-point massage (two nodes each for the headrest, back, seat, and feet)
  • Lumbar heat
  • Rocking
  • Foldable footrest
  • Incorporated headrest
  • Side pockets and cup holder
  • Not true zero-g
  • Not extremely durable
  • Not a top-grade massage

Summary: The Esright is a value-for-money choice if you have chronic back pain, although it doesn’t offer true zero-G. Get this chair if you need a vibrating recliner with lumbar heat for aches and pressure points.


8. JUMMICO Fabric


I recommend the JUMMICO Fabric to clients with lumbar pain who are looking for affordable, space-saving chairs.

Considering its size and materials, though, it’s not the great choice for tall people or those interested in a very resistant, high-quality model.

  • Breathable. The fabric upholstery allows good air circulation. Sweating uncomfortably on a chair can increase the intensity of your pain.
  • Medium-quality materials. The chair could have better materials. Some people complain about fabric tears after a year or two of use. You may also notice that the sponge padding isn’t as contouring as foam. However, the frame is durable, and the rubber feet will protect your hardwood floors.
  • 90° – 165° recline. You can read, binge Netflix, or sleep in this JUMMICO comfortably. Although it has a decent angle, it doesn’t offer true zero-G with elevated knees.
  • Ergonomic design. All JUMMICO’s features indicate interest in your experience, comfort, and helping you achieve a correct posture. You will be supported in all positions because of JUMMICO features:
    • A built-in headrest to relieve upper body strain and pain
    • Plush armrests, back, and seat for extra comfort
    • A curved seat and wide footrest to improve circulation and reduce leg pain
  • Budget deal
  • Breathable fabric
  • Steel frame
  • Convenient recline
  • Ergonomic features
  • Not true zero-G
  • Not the best quality
  • Not for tall, heavy people

Summary: Invets in the JUMMICO due its ergonomic design.


9. RecPro Charles Euro – Good Chair for Back Pain


I used the RecPro Charles Euro Recliner when my family and I went on an extended road trip in the Great Lakes Region. I still had severe back pain, and I needed a streamlined, compact chair to rest in.

I recommend the RecPro Charles Euro to all my clients with chronic back pain who are planning a road trip, as well as those looking for a compact, affordable model because it’s:

  • Stylish. The chair has a streamlined profile and modern design. I like the color choice, the round base, and the leather-like upholstery.
  • Small. The chair is light and compact, built especially for RVs. You can easily have someone help you move it around, and it won’t take much space inside.
  • Ergonomic. RecPro Charles Euro has a built-in headrest, a tilted, firm backrest, curved, plush armrests that don’t dig into your arms, and a waterfall edge seat. The overall design keeps your whole body supported. You’ll have your body parts aligned to each other at correct angles for perfect weight distribution and a correct posture.
  • Sleek profile
  • Modern design
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Built-in headrest
  • Offers good support
  • Not best for tall people according to many reviewers
  • You may not like the firm padding if you prefer plush recliners
  • Not extremely durable

Summary: RecPro Charles is best for RV road trips because it fits easily in your RV. Its ergonomic design promotes a correct posture and allows perfect weight distribution. Get this chair if you want quick pain relief even when you’re camping.


10. Best Choice Products Folding Lounge Chair with Canopy

Best Choice Folding Recliners

This Best Choice is the best model Wal-Mart offers for people going to the beach or any place with strong sun.

That’s because this recliner offers an adjustable canopy shade and good UV protection.

Here are some other features:

  • Sun protection. The chair has a strong Textilene mesh that’s UV resistant. You also have an adjustable canopy that shades your face and eyes from the sun if there’s no umbrella around.
  • Good materials. The durable steel frame and moisture-resistant Textilene fabric are connected through sturdy, easy-to-replace elastic cords. This design is called a double bungee suspension system and, apart from being safe and supportive, it’s also comfortable because it allows the chair to contour your body shape.
  • Easy recline. The backrest reclines easily to almost completely flat, and the footrest lifts up to improve blood circulation. However, your knees won’t be higher than your heart level for a true zero-G position.
  • Extras. The removable accessory tray allows you to avoid the hassle of constantly standing up. You get two cup holders, a phone holder, and a slot for your snacks or books.
  • Strong 80% sun protection
  • With canopy
  • Durable frame
  • Resistant Textilene fabric
  • The double bungee suspension system is secure
  • Comfortable chair
  • Useful extras (removable accessory tray, cup holders, phone holder, side pocket)
  • It rusts if left outside
  • Short 30-day warranty
  • Not true zero-G

Summary: Get the BestChoice Products Recliner if you need a comfy chair for summer trips. The 80% sun protection, canopy, and moisture-resistant Textilene fabric are good features when you’re sunbathing.


11. Timber Ridge Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair

Timber Ridge

The Timber Ridge Lounge is best for outdoor trips because it has the best high-grade materials, it’s padded for top comfort, plus it has a 1-year warranty.

However, unlike the BestChoice Recliner, you can’t expose Timber Ridge to strong sunlight. This zero gravity chair works well for camping in a shaded area, for evening concerts, or even star-gazing on your patio, but not for trips to the beach.

Here are its top features:

  • Sturdy. You’ll like the heavy-duty steel tube frame, polyester fabric, and secure bungee suspension system. These materials are resistant and sturdy, so the chair withstands 350 pounds max.
  • Easy to recline. You can secure the adjustable 160ᵒ recline easily through a patented locking mechanism. The levers are within your reach and don’t jam or squeak when you pull them. In addition, they don’t give in after you’ve secured the chair.
  • Comfy. Timber Ridge is one of the comfiest recliners thanks to its full-body padding, from the headrest to the seat. Bonus: you can use the removable headrest pillow for lumbar support.
  • Resistant to wears and tears
  • Good for heavy people (350 pounds max)
  • Rugged materials ensure long lifespan
  • Comfortable padding
  • Plush headrest
  • Curved and padded armrests
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Inclined seat opens your hips at a correct angle
  • Some people believe the fabric is scratchy
  • Flimsy cup holder
  • Not for direct sunlight

Summary: Timber Ridge Lounge is best for outdoor because it’s a rugged chair backed by a 1-year warranty. Choose this model if you want a comfortable camping recliner. You will like the generous headrest padding and multiple ergonomic features, such as curved armrests and reclined back.


SUMMARY: Choose the right models depending on your needs, your budget, your pains. You may not need true zero-gravity for your specific health problem, but you may benefit from heat therapy feature. I do like Human Touch PC-420 and it is my best overall choice

Models that are not included in this review:

  • BestMassage Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

What is a Zero Gravity Recliner?

A zero gravity recliner utilizes a NASA-inspired design that lifts your knees slightly above your heart level. You will experience a floating feeling as the chair takes all the pressure from your spine.

What is Zero-Gravity Recliners

Zero gravity recliners correct your posture, improve your relaxation, and minimize pain.

These chairs have multiple health benefits, such as:

  • Reduced spinal disc pain
  • Better circulation
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved posture
  • Less muscle tension
  • Better lung function

SUMMARY: Zero gravity recliners relax the back at a comfortable angle and elevate your legs to improve circulation and remove the pressure from your back. Not all recliners from Costco or Amazon marketed as best zero-gravity chairs feature a true zero gravity design that puts your knees slightly above your heart level.

Is it Good to Sleep in a Zero Gravity Position?

Many medical practitioners recommend sleeping in a zero-gravity position. This NASA-inspired position keeps your upper body slightly elevated and your knees slightly above heart level, which explains the benefits associated with sleeping like this.

Sleep in a Zero Gravity Position

Many people with GERD or chronic back pain can’t sleep comfortably in their beds because of the pain associated with these conditions.

Often, they use a series of pillows to find a comfortable position, but pillows are not very supportive, especially if you’re a tosser.

Upright recliner chairs with zero gravity can improve:

SUMMARY: Sleeping in a zero-gravity position relieves pain from chronic health issues and sore muscles. Choose a model if you want to improve your heart health, reduce swelling, and improve your sleep quality.

Svago vs Perfect Chair

The PC-420 is a stylish, comfortable chair that reduces back pain, whereas Svago’s unique selling proposition is its functionality.

Svago vs Perfect Chair

Both zero gravity chairs are expensive and sport true zero-gravity, but they serve different purposes:

PC-420 is better for people who want:

  • An elegant model
  • Rugged materials, considering PC-420 has sleek, smooth, and breathable leather upholstery, high-tensile frame, and parawood base
  • Ultimate comfort thanks to a plush chair with top memory foam, lumbar backing, and headrest
  • A customizable model, considering you can choose different upholsteries and wood-based finishes for your chair to fit your home décor. You can also upgrade to the very contouring and cooling Memory Foam PLUS or choose therapeutic Jade Heat if you have chronic pain

Svago is better for people who want:

  • Massage and heat functions to treat painful knots or severe pain
  • An independently adjustable footrest that accommodates a wider range of positions and user heights
  • Removable head and lumbar pillows for accurate adjustments

SUMMARY: Perfect Chair is best for people who need a customizable, plush, rugged zero-gravity recliner. Svago is best rated for people who need a thorough massage and more accurate adjustments.

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair

Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair is the same height as the X-Chair, but Timber Ridge’s chair has a C6 position, which offers a better side angle for extended seating. The A-Chair was introduced by PCIM in 2010. It has been adapted by other companies, such as Sleepy Feet and Vista Comfort like lounge chairs. Some parts, like the headrest, have been specially modified by PCIM. This is a conventional sitting chair with modern back support, added TSLN (thermoplastic-silicone) assistance, modified to fit the many different contours of the human body and bodyweight. This body assistance uses the original TAILORE LITE technology and does not use any polyurethane.

In 1988, Tom Denison, PCIM’s director of design and advanced research, started to work on an alternative seat cushion, based on TAILORE LITE®. He developed this cushion after conducting research with PING and integrating a chip that tested the external environment, which could be used to integrate this chip into the surface of the cushion. These cushions were called SAFE-Q, while TAILORE LITE® was called the original cushion. In the early 1990s, Tim Conlin, another researcher of the PCIM design center and professor of philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania, worked on integrating two chips into the cushion: one for near-field and one for far-field.

Are Massage Recliners Worth the Money?

With all the options for massage chairs, choosing the right one for you can be overwhelming. There are so many types of massage chairs out there, each of them has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. To help you make a better decision, here’s a list of common questions I hear from clients: Why do some massage chairs feel so soft and others so firm? Firm massage chairs often have pressure zones that can feel more intense to a person’s skin. Soft massage chairs have more softness, which makes them more accommodating and feel more relaxing.

If I sit in a high-backed massage chair, will my head fall into the massage basket? High backs mean a lower center of gravity, so a heavier massage chair will be less likely to tip. Make sure to try out different positions and baskets before buying a high-back massage chair. How loud are massage chairs? There is a range of volume and quality for massaging chairs. With newer models, the sound is usually within standard speaking comfort levels, but there are some high-end models on the market that have a high-quality sound that can be tuned to specific types of music or to suit your mood. How does my massage chair start or stop? Most massaging chairs turn on with a press of a button.

Can You Watch TV in a Zero Gravity Recliner?

A number of technologies have been developed to help people see their TV shows from a chair. Zero Gravity Recliners. While seat-back entertainment is ubiquitous, the experience can be more comfortable by raising or lowering your recliner. You can either leave it at its setting or flip a switch to raise or lower the chair. This is an unusual choice for a chair. Most chairs were designed to support your legs, not to put them up against the back of the chair, with a TV mounted on a wall behind the back of the seat.

Zero Gravity Recliners often have a dimmer switch so you can set the light level. Cordless Laser Projectors for home improvement. With wireless laser projection, you can sit in a Zero Gravity Recliner in a darkened room and watch your TV with a little light coming through the upper slats.

Can You Sit Upright in a Zero Gravity Chair?

My first question was: can you sit up in the ZeroG chair without putting your legs up in the air? As it turns out, yes, you can. I was initially curious to see if you would be able to stretch your legs to a 90-degree angle while lying flat in the chair, and it’s actually not too difficult. I saw a few people on YouTube doing it but it’s certainly not necessary if you’re tired or if you’re not in the mood for yoga.

There are some safety precautions you should take when trying out the ZeroG, however. The ZeroG is unstable and very bouncy, so you can’t lean back and relax. You have to be completely on your back with your chin facing up (as if you’re in a dentist’s chair) and stay that way for the duration of the flight. Your shoulders and neck should remain completely relaxed so as to avoid the ups and downs of the chair. ZeroG chairs have a built-in system of springs that bounce you up and down as they move, so you should be able to get some relief from your normal.

What You Need to Know Before Buying

If you’ve read the reviews above, you know that zero gravity recliners are not all created equal. Each model addresses a different need, but you have to be able to read its specs through the lens of your needs first.

When Buying

To do that, you have to take into account the following features:

  • True zero gravity. Not all recliners offer true zero-G, with your knees a bit higher than your heart level. If you have heart conditions or inflammatory issues, you need a model with true zero-G. If you have chronic back pain, or simply want to read/ watch TV in a comfy chair, you can choose a model without true zero-G.
  • Ability to recline and stand up. Make sure your chair reclines smoothly and that it has a secure locking mechanism.
  • Materials. Make sure the materials are quality enough for your budget, preferences, and the chair’s location (indoor vs. outdoor). For instance, choose leather instead of fabric if you want a smooth, easy-to-clean upholstery, but choose fabric if you want extra breathability. Choose firm padding if you have back pain, but consider a plush model like Lane Furniture products if you need extra cushioning.
  • Massage functions. If you have chronic back pain or sore muscles after workouts, you might need a recliner with vibration nodes and soothing heat. A massage will also help you relax before bed or if you have anxiety.
  • Support pillows. It is extremely important for people with chronic back pain, but not essential for pain-free individuals. However, lying in zero-G means your recliner should feature a supportive headrest and padded, wide armrests.

SUMMARY: Analyze your recliner’s features according to your needs. People with chronic pain or severe health issues need a durable recliner with top-quality materials, true zero-G, and some massage functions. People with no pain or health issues should focus on ergonomic design and versatile reclining options.

Sunjoy Zero Gravity Chair – Bonus Model


The Sunjoy Zero Gravity Chair represents an innovative and ergonomically designed seating option that has gained popularity for its unique reclining capabilities and comfort features. This type of chair, often inspired by NASA’s zero-gravity technology, aims to distribute the user’s body weight evenly, reducing pressure on the spine and providing a sense of weightlessness.

The fundamental principle behind the Sunjoy Zero Gravity Chair lies in its ability to recline into a position where the body experiences minimal stress. This is achieved through a reclining mechanism that allows the user to elevate their legs and lean back, positioning the body in a posture that minimizes gravitational forces. As a result, users often report a feeling of relaxation and reduced tension in the muscles.

The frame of the Sunjoy is typically constructed from sturdy materials such as steel or aluminum, providing durability and stability. The seating surface is commonly made from a combination of breathable mesh and padding to enhance comfort. The mesh material facilitates air circulation, preventing overheating during extended use, while the padding contributes to a plush and supportive feel.

One notable feature of the Sunjoy is its adjustable recline settings. Users can easily shift between various angles to find the most comfortable position for their preferences, whether it’s reading, napping, or simply enjoying the outdoors. Additionally, many models include a locking mechanism that secures the chair in the desired reclined position, enhancing safety and stability.

These chairs are versatile and suitable for various settings, including outdoor spaces like patios, decks, or poolside areas. Some Sunjoy Zero Gravity Chairs come with additional amenities such as a built-in canopy to provide shade, a side tray for holding beverages or personal items, and even massage or heating features for enhanced relaxation.

In conclusion, the Sunjoy combines ergonomic design, durable construction, and customizable reclining options to offer users a comfortable and rejuvenating seating experience. Whether used for outdoor leisure or indoor relaxation, these chairs exemplify a fusion of technology and comfort in modern seating solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Doctors Recommend Zero Gravity Chairs?

Doctors often recommend zero-gravity chairs for specific health conditions and therapeutic purposes due to their potential benefits. Zero gravity chairs are designed to simulate the posture astronauts assume during space missions, where the body experiences minimal stress and strain. This position, known as the zero gravity position, distributes the body weight evenly, reducing pressure on the spine and promoting circulation.

Zero gravity chairs can provide relief for individuals with back pain, muscle tension, or spinal conditions by placing the body in a neutral alignment that minimizes gravitational forces. The chair’s reclining position helps alleviate pressure on the spine and reduces strain on the lower back. It can also promote proper blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, potentially reducing swelling and improving overall cardiovascular health.

Furthermore, zero gravity chairs can be beneficial for individuals with respiratory issues, such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The reclined position opens up the chest, allowing for improved lung expansion and easier breathing. It can also help reduce snoring and improve sleep quality by reducing the likelihood of obstructed airways.

While doctors generally recommend zero-gravity chairs for therapeutic purposes, it is important to note that individual circumstances and medical conditions may vary. It is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using a zero gravity chair, especially if you have any underlying health concerns or if you are unsure about its suitability for your specific needs.

In summary, doctors may recommend zero gravity chairs as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for individuals with certain health conditions, such as back pain, muscle tension, spinal issues, and respiratory problems, or those seeking enhanced relaxation and improved blood circulation. However, it is crucial to seek professional medical advice to ensure its appropriateness for individual situations.

Can You Sleep All Night in Zero Gravity Chair?

While it is possible to sleep in a zero gravity chair for some individuals, it may not be an ideal long-term solution for a full night’s sleep. Zero gravity chairs are primarily designed for relaxation and therapeutic purposes, rather than prolonged sleep.

The reclined position of a zero gravity chair can help alleviate pressure on the spine, promote blood circulation, and reduce muscle tension, making it comfortable for short naps or brief periods of rest. However, the chair’s design may not provide the same level of support and comfort as a dedicated bed or mattress.

Extended periods of sleep in a zero gravity chair may result in discomfort or stiffness due to the chair’s firmness, limited padding, and lack of a suitable sleep surface. Additionally, the reclined position may not be conducive to achieving deep, restorative sleep as it may not fully support the natural alignment of the body during sleep cycles.

For optimal sleep quality and long-term comfort, it is generally recommended to use a proper bed or mattress that supports the body’s natural alignment. However, if circumstances necessitate the use of a zero gravity chair for sleep, it is advisable to incorporate additional measures such as using extra cushions or pillows to enhance comfort and maintain proper spinal alignment.

It is important to consult with a healthcare professional or sleep specialist to determine the most suitable sleeping arrangements based on individual needs and any underlying health conditions.

Is Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Chair Good?

The Timber Ridge Zero Gravity lounger appears to be a highly functional and comfortable chair for outdoor relaxation based on its features and specifications. With a hybrid aluminum/steel design, this chair offers a balance between strength and weight, ensuring durability while remaining lightweight and portable. This design choice enhances the chair’s overall performance and longevity, making it suitable for various outdoor activities such as camping or lounging on the porch.

One notable feature is the padded seat with an adjustable headrest, providing support and comfort for both the head and lumbar region. This ensures that users can relax comfortably for extended periods without experiencing discomfort or strain. Additionally, the inclusion of a foldout side table with cup and phone holders enhances convenience, allowing users to keep essentials within reach while enjoying their leisure time.

The ability to adjust the chair from an upright position to a fully reclined state provides users with the option to achieve a zero-gravity feeling, further enhancing the relaxation experience. The chair’s compact folding design enables easy transportation and storage, making it ideal for use both at home and on the go.

Constructed with durable polyester fabric, the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity lounger offers reliability and resilience against outdoor elements. Furthermore, the chair can be locked in any position using easy lock levers, providing added stability and security during use.

With folded dimensions of 31.10”x4.92”x37” and open dimensions of 40.16”x37.4”x45.27”, along with a maximum weight support of 350lbs, this chair accommodates various body types while remaining compact and space-efficient when not in use.

In conclusion, the Timber Ridge Zero Gravity lounger combines comfort, functionality, and durability, making it a good choice for outdoor relaxation activities. Its well-designed features and sturdy construction ensure a satisfying user experience, whether lounging at the campsite or enjoying leisure time at home.

Final Words. Do Zero Gravity Chairs Really Work?

Some models in this review, such as Cozzia, are best for sleeping. Other products are best for outdoors and camping. Svago ZGR Plus Dual Power is my choice if you need a massage recliner. I’ve also reviewed multiple affordable models.

However, Perfect Chair “PC-420” is this editor’s choice for the best zero gravity recliner overall. PC-420 is comfortable, stylish, easy to choose, versatile, and customizable.


This recliner can help you ease the symptoms of a wide range of health issues, from poor circulation to back pain and emotional stress.

Take advantage of PC-420’s 5-year warranty and top features. After using it for some time, I discovered a happier and healthier me. This can also happen to you.