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Choosing a recliner in itself is a serious affair. There are many things you need to consider. It gets even more tedious when you’re choosing therapeutic chairs for senior citizens. But you might be wondering what makes chairs for elderly assistance different from traditional lazy boy recliners.

Generally, if you’re searching for comfortable chairs for seniors, you should look into the best models within your budget.

Lift chairs are the best adjustable chairs for elderly users. In this article, I’ll share 11 of the best lift chairs for elderly medicare and why you should invest in a mechanical recliner for aged people to sleep in.

Review Summary:

  • 1. Giantex – Best #1 Model Overall
  • 2. Signature Design by Ashley Yandel
  • 3. Mcombo
  • 4. Coaster Home Furnishings
  • 5. ProLounger Lya by Portfolio
  • 6. Esright
  • 7. Mecor
  • 8. Kahuna LM6800
  • 9. La-Z-Boy Niagara
  • 10. ANJ Home

You might be wondering: “are recliners good for the elderly?” the answer is yes. In fact, of all the models on this list, I’ve found that Giantex is the best option for elderly users.

I’ve used lift chairs for the elderly before, and I must say, there are some incredibly comfy and convenient units out there.

Let’s take a look at eleven of the best recliners in the industry for seniors.

11 Best Recliners for Elderly Reviews (List for 2024)

Choosing a power recliner for elderly users requires that you keep their needs in mind. Obviously, a power lift chair recliner would be the best option because of how easy it is to get in and out of the reclining chair independently.

But aside from that, you should look into the different features. Make sure you invest in a power recliner that will fit the needs of the user you intend it for.

Here are eleven of the best recliners in the industry, each of which is best in its own category.

1. Giantex – #1 Most Comfortable Recliner


This recliner by Giantex is my top choice because it checks all of my boxes. It is cozy, provide support, and guarantees smooth and safe transitions. Designed specifically to help those with mobility issues.

Here’s why it is the best choice:

Premium Upholstery – this Giantex exudes comfort. The soft, smooth, and warm shell is paired with high-density sponge cushioning that is pleasant to the touch with just the right amount of assistance. The premium cushioning is also odor-free, so it doesn’t require excessive cleaning even if you use it every day.

Highly Durable – the well-built steel frame can assist up to 330 lbs and is built to last a lifetime. You don’t have to worry about this chair suddenly breaking after daily use because the frame is made to withstand heavy-duty loads.

  • Handy side pocket to keep remote controls and other small items
  • Comes with all accessories and necessary hardware
  • Easy to operate and assemble
  • Side Pockets
  • Requires assembly

Summary: The only bad thing I could say about this model is that it requires assembly. Of course, if you have someone who could help you do that, it isn’t that difficult and you don’t need to purchase or look for other tools because it comes with the package. If you can look past the assembly, you’ll find that this chair is very solid. You’ll enjoy the plushy yet supportive cushioning and gentle transitions that put your comfort above everything else.


2. Signature Design by Ashley Yandel – Runner Up

This model by Ashley Yandel is a strong competitor. It isn’t quite as comfortable as the Giantex recliner, but it is also worth your attention. One of the deciding factors for me was the shell.

Despite its overstuffed design, this recliner uses a leatherette fabric that isn’t as breathable as the suede-like fabric of the previous recliner.

Here’s why it’s worth your attention:

Swivel Motion – who doesn’t like swivel chairs? What you might not know is that the 360-degree swivel of this recliner will allow elderly users to easily position themselves to face anywhere they want to. This is a great option if your room is not as spacious as you can put it in a corner without having problems accessing it.

Independent Controls – this chair allows you to recline and elevate your legs independently. That means if you want to lie back without elevating your legs, you can certainly do so. It is also quite simple to control using the handy hand controller.

  • User-friendly controls
  • Contemporary and luxurious design
  • The overstuffed style for maximum comfort
  • Reliable lift and tilt mechanism
  • Requires assembly
  • The faux leather fabric is not very breathable after extended use.

Summary: This model by Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner is similar to the Giantex in many ways. It’s very reliable, cozy and simple to use. However, it is best suited for users who prefer leather-like fabrics over softer, more breathable shell. That said, it does boast a contemporary look and the 360-degree swivel is ideal for positioning yourself any which way you want.


3. Mcombo – Top Model with Massage and Heat

This mcombo electric power lift recliner by Mcombo is the most convenient I’ve come across that comes with heat and massage functions. It’s ideal for elderly users who suffer from joint pain.

Take a look at its best features:

Vibration Massage and Gentle Heating – it isn’t particularly advisable for the elderly to undergo rigorous massage procedures. That’s why the gentle vibrating massage function on this chair is ideal. It soothes, relaxes, and facilitates blood flow alongside the heat to relax and heal your tired muscles.

Convenient Attachments – this chair comes with useful cup holders and usb ports. If your elderly user loves to have drinks close by, the cup holders are a great specification that makes it simple for them to access their liquids without having to ask for help. The usb ports also allow them to keep their phones or electronics charged conveniently close by.

  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Well-balanced lift and reclining mechanism
  • Multiple massage modes and intensities
  • USB port
  • It is not a sleeper recliner
  • The faux leather fabric is not very comfortable
  • Somewhat expensive

Summary: This massage chair is great for eledrly users who do not need intense massages. It has multiple vibration settings and intensities and even comes with a handy heating function on the waist area. However, it is somewhat expensive. It also doesn’t recline completely flat and the faux leather is not as cozy as other shell options.


4. Coaster Home Furnishings – Best Value

Coaster Home Furnishings

This model by Coaster Home Furnishings is worth your money and attention if you’re looking for a strictly no-nonsense recliner. It doesn’t have fancy attachments and features, but it is very easy to use, comfortable and space-efficient.

Here’s why you should get it:

Wall-hugging Design – this wall hugger recliner requires very little wall-recliner clearance. You can place it as close as 3.15 inches away from your wall and still achieve the full reclining position without any issues. This makes it an ideal lift chair for living room use.

Emergency Batteries – you don’t have to worry about power outages leaving you unable to recline or relax in this chair. It comes with a handy slot for two 9-volt batteries that can be used as a backup power source in case you lose electricity.

  • Wall-hugging space-efficient design
  • Breathable
  • Emergency power source
  • The frame is not as sturdy as other units

Summary: This recliner is ideal if you’re looking for a space efficient unit that performs the basic duties of a power lift chair without any other features, then you’ve found it. However, it is not as sturdy as steel-framed units you can find in the market.


5. ProLounger Lya by Portfolio – Good Leather Recliner for Elderly

ProLounger Lya by Portfolio

This beautiful leather model by Portfolio is heavily advertised as a medical recliner for elderly users.

It is upholstered with elegant renu leather and features a solid hardwood frame supported by a stainless steel lift mechanism. It is solid, and stylish, and adds a touch of elegance to any room you place it in.

Take a look at its most notable features:

Infinite Reclining Positions – this ProLounger Lya does not lock into any preset reclining positions. This means you’re free to choose the angle at which you rest. This is ideal if you find it hard to position yourself with preset tilt angles.

User-friendly – simple to use the remote control that comes with this recliner is approved by the UL. That means you won’t encounter any issues with it at any given time.

  • World-recognized Okin motor
  • 300-pound weight capacity
  • Comes with a convenient side pocket
  • Easy to assemble
  • The leather fabric is not as comfortable for sleeping in compared to other upholstery options

Summary: This recliner is an ideal option if you’re looking for an elegant and functional piece to add to any room. One of its main selling points is the attractive renu leather upholstery. However, it is also one of its biggest drawbacks. The shell is not as cozy for extended use as other, more plush fabrics so you might want to invest in a chair cover. Otherwise, it is a stunning and cozy recliner.


6. Esright Massage Recliner – Top with Easy Assembly

This massage recliner by Esright is one of the easiest models to assemble. It doesn’t require screws and comes with easy-to-follow instructions.

The company states that it can be assembled in under 10 minutes, which is ideal if you’re looking for a high-value recliner without having to spend hours trying to assemble it.

Here are its best qualities:

Multiple Functions – this chair packs five different functions in one. You’ll enjoy the vibration, reclining, heat, swivel, and rocker features on this chair that makes it highly valuable at an affordable price.

Manual Controls – this electric power chair comes with a remote that allows you to manually adjust the reclining feature to any position you desire. You can also easily adjust the massage and heating modes to your preference on the wired remote.

  • Ease and quick assembly of electric power lift recliner
  • Comes with convenient cup holders
  • Soft yet firm cushioning
  • Ease to clean and maintain
  • Quality control prior to packaging and shipping is not very intensive

Summary: If you don’t mind receiving a few odd ends and pieces, which results in you having to contact customer support, then this chair is ideal for you. It is relatively cheap, yet it comes with multiple features that are ideal for any user thus making it high value without the unreasonable price tag.


7. Mecor – with Silent Electric Motor


This product by Mecor is ideal if you have sensitive ears and are a light sleeper. The silent engine ensures that you won’t disturb your relaxation time or your companions as you recline and settle down into your recliner.

Here’s why you should buy it:

Full stretching – the full 140-degree tilt on this unit allows you to fully stretch out on this chair. This also means you’ll be more comfortable lounging in it and won’t experience any discomfort despite lying in it for extended periods.

Convenient – Mecor comes with two convenient cup holders that allow you to place your drinks and bottles within padded arms reach. This is great if you like to have your liquids every now and then, so you don’t have to stand up or call someone to get your drinks for you. Cozy and easy-care PU upholstery with memory foam padding for luxurious support.

  • Durable steel frame
  • Silent motor and transitions
  • Fitted pockets and pouches for added storage
  • Quite bulky
  • Somewhat complicated assembly, you will need two people to assemble it

Summary: It is ideal if you don’t mind assembly and bulky units. It is not a wall-hugger, so it is not very space efficient, but the transitions are smooth and silent so you don’t have to worry about hearing a faint buzzing noise as your chair adjusts to meet your needs.


8. Kahuna LM6800 – Best Zero Gravity Full-Body Massage Recliner

LM6800 Kahuna

This massage recliner by Kahuna is ideal if you’re a massage enthusiast. It comes with multiple massage modes and settings that allow you to fully customize your wellness. It also reclines to a NASA-inspired zero-gravity position that is highly beneficial for any user.

Here’s why you need it:

Yoga Stretching – Kahuna LM6800 comes with a yoga stretching function that is beneficial for anyone. This stretches you completely and effectively unwinds your body, so you don’t feel any sort of tiredness or numbness after.

Dual Foot Rollers – if you often suffer from tired feet, the dual foot rollers on this recliner ensure your feet don’t feel neglected. It also features a sanitary cotton padding that can be washed and removed.

  • Unique yoga stretching function
  • Fullbody massage
  • Zero-gravity reclining
  • This is not a power lift recliner

Summer: This Kahuna LM6800 is ideal for massage enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a unit for fullbody wellness, you’ll enjoy the multiple massage features, yoga stretching and zero-gravity reclining function. Choose your favorite massage intensity and speed and improve your sleep quality and general health.


9. La-Z-Boy Niagara – Top Mechanical Recliner Chair

La-Z-Boy Niagara

You didn’t think we’d get through this list without at least one Niagara, did you? This old-time favorite brand puts out the best mechanical recliner, in my opinion. The manual reclining feature is easy to operate.

Here’s why it is worth your time:

Unmatched Durability – there’s a reason lazy boys are extremely popular and have continued to be popular for many years. Their chairs are a great investment and high quality. Chances are, you remember lazy boys from your youth. This practical chair isn’t as easy to operate compared to its motorized competition, but it is still a great and highly durable chair nonetheless.

  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Easy to operate side handle
  • The rocking system for maximum comfort
  • It is not a power lift chair
  • It’s not as easy to operate as electric recliners

Summary: If you’re looking for a manual recliner, then you can’t go wrong with a lazy boy. This Niagara is easy to tilt and ultra cozy. It is also very durable so you know that it is a great reliable unit that’s worth your money.


10. ANJ Home – For Back Pain

ANJ Home

This ANJ Home is highly recommended if you experience back pain frequently. The lift system adjusts to an ideal height, so you don’t strain your back while trying to sit or get up from it.

Here are its most notable features:

Convenience Storage – This perfect ANJ Home comes with a convenient side pocket that allows you to store magazines, remote controls, and other items nearby.

Easy to Clean – the plush cushioning on this unit is extremely cozy and pleasant to the touch. It’s also relatively easy to clean, so it is quite low maintenance as well.

  • High weight capacity
  • Two-button controls
  • Ideal for users who have recently undergone surgery
  • The warranty is insufficient

Summary: ANJ Home is very durable and ease to use. It is also ergonomically designed to support your back and ensure that you don’t encounter discomfort or experience back pain while using this chair. Unfortunately, the warranty only covers one year, which feels very insubstantial.


11. MAGIC UNION – Top Model with Footrest


This MAGIC UNION has one of the best footrest designs I’ve seen in any recliner. The footrest is very cozy and allows you to rest your legs and feet on it without developing numbness over time.

Here’s why you should look into it:

Motorized Footrest – unlike other perfect recliners, this model by Magic Union features a motorized footrest that’s easily controlled through its user-friendly remote control. This makes it easier to adjust the footrest to your desired elevation so you can relax in no time.

  • Comes with four massage zones
  • Has 5 massage modes
  • User-friendly
  • The wheels don’t lock so it tends to slide around
  • The upholstery is also quite hot

Summary: This recliner by Magic Union features a user-friendly interface and ease to adjust footrest. It also boasts some massage features that’s ideal for any user. However, the shell is not breathable and the wheels that make it ease to move cannot be locked in place.


12. Rhomtree Power Lift Chair


When it comes to adjustable workstation power lift chairs, the mid-size Power Lift recliner stands out among its rivals for its innovative motorized knees which lift you by 5cm while the chair itself sits you lower than before. Power Lift Recliner Chair also does a 360-degree maneuver and you can adjust the distance to anywhere between 3 to 20cm.

With a knee-power range from 8 to 50kg, you can use it for the entire range of lower-body exercises like lunges, squats, steps, and squats. If you do Pilates and or have problems with your hamstrings, the Power Lift is great.

this chair doesn’t need to be reupholstered, it’s big and comfy and it comes with a unique foldable footrest. tHIS POWER RECLINER comes to the UK from the US, but its chairs and tables sell all over the world. The company’s first-ever UK chair, the ARC Chair, costs £1,130, but we think that’s a great price for a big and comfy office chair. We’ve put it through our tough review program and given it a 5-star score.

More than 100,000 people have been in touch with us to tell us about the seating products they have bought and the problems they have had with them. Whether it’s a cushion ripping, a chair breaking, or a table that’s warped – we’ve seen it all. That’s why we conduct more than 200 in-depth reviews every year. We check how well the chair is for what it’s meant to do, whether it’s a good value buy, and how durable it is. We also put each seating product through rigorous durability tests to see if it’s ready to be passed on to the next generation.


Why Are Recliners Bad for Your Back?

Any chair is bad for your back if it isn’t ergonomically designed. Every once in a while, a study comes out that “proves” recliners are horrendous for your back. This can be alarming, especially if you haven’t found a unit that fits you perfectly.

These studies aren’t necessarily wrong. However, one thing they don’t tell you is that not all recliners are built equally. You’ll certainly find many recliners in the market that are bad for your back.

Why Are Recliners Bad for Your BackThese recliners often have a few similar characteristics:

  • Insufficient or no lumbar support – sitting in any chair for extended periods without proper lumbar assistance is definitely damaging to your back. This will not only cause you a host of back problems, but it could also hurt other parts of your body. Make sure whatever recliner you purchase offers ample lumbar assistance.
  • Too much or too little cushioning – there is such a thing as too much cushioning. You can hurt your back if your chair is too plushy and offers little to no assistance for you. The same can be said if there isn’t enough cushioning. After all, it’s never comfortable to sit in a stiff chair for extended periods.
  • Improperly elevated feet – the recent popularity of zero gravity recliners has opened consumers’ eyes to the fact that foot elevation is incredibly important. But that doesn’t mean you should only lounge around in a zero-gravity position. After all, recliners are made for watching tv, reading, and generally relaxing, among other things. Make sure your feet are ideally elevated so that they don’t feel numb and blood can circulate properly.

To cut it short, invest in a chair that fits you or the user comfortably. The cushioning should be enough that it isn’t too plushy that there’s no assistance or too stiff that it offers no comfort.

Remember, a chair that offers no lumbar support will only harm you. Make sure there’s ample assistance to all parts of your body, so you don’t suffer from pain and are able to reap the full benefits of a good and reliable recliner.

Summary: Not all recliners are built equally. Some recliner chairs are not ergonomically designed to assist you. If you suffer from back or other pain from your recliner, replace it immediately. Generally, it is important to make sure that your recliner aptyl supports your lumbar area.

Is it OK to Sleep in a Recliner Every Night?

You Don’t Actually Need to Wake Up So Early. Bathtime is one of the best times of the day, right? Not for everyone. I’m just gonna assume the reader is a deep sleeper because most of us aren’t. Once your body warms up, it can be super uncomfortable to lay down in bed. If you do, you could wake up so early it’s painful. You might be thinking that you need to stay up as late as possible to make it to your early morning spin class or workout session. But how many times have you woken up super early and felt lethargic and out of it? You wouldn’t want to wake up that early every single day.

If you only wake up before 10 AM, you will eventually get used to the schedule. Sleep experts say that you don’t actually need to sleep in a comfortable position to fall asleep. Studies have shown that people who are in awkward sleeping positions are likely to sleep less. You can read more about it here. Many people with back problems have found comfort in a recliner. This is the best way to sleep if your back pain is really bad. To get a better night’s rest, try placing a pillow between your legs to form a border, and push your legs into the recliner to create a “half” sleep position. This will take some getting used to, but you’ll soon find that you can fall asleep in this position and feel really good about it.

Are Recliners Bad for Your Lungs?

If you’ve ever seen someone reclining in a chair with their legs up, you’ve likely seen that they are doing some serious damage to their lungs. But is this harmful to all recliners? According to doctors, not really, but they are asking that you be careful. This is because the flat surface in a recliner is usually full of toxins, such as dust, and bacteria that can easily lead to chronic lung diseases. And if you’re lying down too long, you can’t see the same amount of dust that’s being collected in the bottom of the recliner.

And what about poor circulation in your legs? As we said, you’re not getting up a whole lot when you’re reclining, but this can still hurt your legs. Coughing is also a concern. With all those germs on the floor, you might inadvertently swallow some while coughing, leading to pneumonia. So if you need a little help moving around the room and just because.

Are Lift Chairs Good for the Elderly?

Definitely. Lift chairs make it possible for seniors to sit and stand without exerting too much effort. This also allows you to sit without bending down too much.

If you suffer from limited mobility, this type of chair allows you to independently access your recliner with little to no help.

Are Lift Chairs Good for the ElderlyAs we age, it only makes sense that we’re not able to do all the things we used to do on our own. Often this loss of freedom and independence leads to senior depression.

Not to mention, it can be a big hassle to have to wait for someone to assist you in sitting down.

They remove the middleman, as they say, and allow you to sit and stand on your own without any problems. We can safely assume that the comfortability of their seating plays a bigger role in their life.

Here are some of my key points on the benefits of lift chairs for the elderly:

  • Safer for Elderly Use – even if you had someone to help you sit, regular recliner seats are usually still quite low. This poses a problem for seniors, especially if you’re having problems with your joints or having to bend down unnecessarily. There is also the risk of being seated too roughly because of the unideal height of the recliner seat. Of course, when you’re sitting down, the seat height is ideal, but if you’re trying to sit or stand from your recliner, it is more than a little bit straining.
  • Generally More Comfortable to Use – have you ever felt so tired you just body-slammed yourself into your chair? It doesn’t really do anything to help you ease the strain on your body. In fact, it could even worsen the pain you feel and damage your chair in the process. This type of chair offers a gentle leaning back motion that is relaxing and soothing to the user, so all you need to do is bend your body a little, lean back and wait for your chair to get to your ideal position.

What Kind of Recliner is Good for a Bad Back?

Many people spend an inordinate amount of time in an office chair. This means they have a lot of time to think and fret about their poor posture. If you sit in a poorly designed and uncomfortable office chair you are likely to have bad posture. One solution is to buy a good office chair for yourself or your office. There are many types of office chairs that come with a lumbar and height adjustment system so that you can find one that is right for your body.

The different styles of chairs, from basic adjustable to wheeled office chairs with storage pockets, come in various ranges of comfort and price. There is a wide variety in the degree of lumbar and hip recline they offer. Some high-end office chairs come with features such as massage functions, memory foam cushions, and anti-fatigue mechanisms. They also often have a central electric motor that adjusts your lumbar and seat height.

What to Consider When Buying a Recliner for the Elderly

Comfort, among other things, is the most important aspect of a recliner. When looking into a recliner for elderly people, make sure you have their comfort at the top of the list.

It’s a given fact that you should look into power lift recliners to make the experience all the more safe and comfortable for the user, but what else should you consider?

Here’s a quick guide for choosing the right power lift recliner for the elderly:

  • Reclining PositionsReclining Positions – purchase one with a zero-gravity function if you can. But ultimately, you should choose a recliner that has as many reclining positions as possible. This will allow the user to choose their comfort level at will.
  • Durability and Stability – make sure the recliner is well built. It shouldn’t wobble or rock uncontrollably to ensure safety. It should also be very stable so that it doesn’t tip over when it’s fully reclined.
  • Size and Price – make sure your chair is just the right size for the area you’re setting it up in. If you’re purchasing a unit that will be placed in a smaller space, make sure you choose a chair that can fit into it comfortably. That said, it should also be reasonably priced. Do not overspend on anything. Staying within your budget isn’t so bad, especially if you find a recliner that has everything you need.

How Do I Choose a Recliner for My Senior?

If you’re ready for a new chair, there are so many options. Consumer Reports has thoroughly tested recliners and come up with the best models to fit your needs. Need a new chair now but don’t want to pay a fortune? Many stores will offer rebates on older models, including recliners. Consumer Reports’ experts suggest having an experienced recliner technician look over your chair before you buy. If you think it’s making a big enough difference to merit a new one, go ahead and make the investment. You can always change it later.

Next, consider how you’ll use the chair. Are you at the dinner table a lot? Does the new chair have arms or a reclining function? Is it for sleeping? Getting up and going to the bathroom at night? Next, find out how easy the chair is to adjust so you’re comfortable. A lot of recliners have buttons for easy adjustments, but some people feel intimidated by them.

What is a Geriatric Recliner?

A geriatric recliner is a section of a couch or chair that is designed for elderly adults. It is designed with adjustments that have been specifically made to keep a senior comfortable. Sharing the geriatric recliner space with his partner, Michelle, Edward is not sitting in one just yet but it does give him a place to hang out if he needs to. When you hear the term recliner, you might think of the old man watching TV. This is not what we’re talking about here. The concept behind a Geriatric Recliner is that it is adaptable for most people of any age, and it allows your loved ones to stay in the same position all night long.

There are a few things that have to be addressed to make this sort of recliner work. For starters, the chair is specifically designed for people who have joint pain or muscle weakness, both of which are common for a majority of people past the age of 65. It also has armrests that have the support feature built into them. Without going into detail, there are also safety rails on the chair to prevent anything from possibly falling and harming someone.

Will Medicare Pay For a Lift Chair For Elderly?

Medicare will not reimburse for a lift chair, chair lift, or power wheelchair. That’s despite the fact that many older Americans rely on them. In fact, Medicare will cover some other equipment needed to provide adequate access. If you need help with bathing or dressing, for example, Medicare will pay for any equipment needed to do that. It also will pay for modifications for a bathroom, or if you need a roll-in shower or a bathtub.

What about a hand lift that could move you from bed to wheelchair and back? That falls under the “necessary medical equipment” rule. Will Medicare Pay For a Gearway? Most often, Medicare doesn’t pay for wheelchairs with steering wheels that can be steered with the bottom of the wheelchair. That’s because Medicare won’t pay for wheelchairs with “throat or armrests.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Nordic Recliner?

A Nordic recliner is a type of chair designed to provide ergonomic comfort and relaxation while incorporating elements of Scandinavian design principles. It is specifically crafted to promote proper body alignment and offer optimal support to the user. The Nordic recliner typically features a sturdy frame made of high-quality materials such as solid wood or metal, ensuring durability and stability.

The design of a Nordic recliner emphasizes clean lines, minimalistic aesthetics, and natural materials, often showcasing the beauty of wood grain and employing neutral color palettes. The chair typically incorporates a reclining mechanism that allows the user to adjust the backrest and footrest positions independently, enabling personalized comfort and various seating positions.

Furthermore, Nordic recliners often incorporate additional features such as padded armrests, lumbar support, and integrated headrests to enhance the overall comfort experience. They may also include features like swivel bases or rocking mechanisms, further expanding the range of motion and versatility of the chair.

Nordic recliners are designed to provide a cozy and inviting seating option while promoting relaxation and stress reduction. The combination of ergonomic design, high-quality materials, and Scandinavian aesthetics makes the Nordic recliner a popular choice for those seeking both comfort and style in their living spaces.

What is the Difference Between a Theater Recliner and a Regular Recliner?

A theater recliner and a regular recliner differ in several key aspects, primarily in their design and intended purpose. A theater recliner, as the name suggests, is specifically designed for use in home theaters or dedicated entertainment spaces. It is optimized to enhance the movie-watching experience and provide optimal comfort for extended periods of sitting.

Theater recliners often feature a more luxurious and spacious design compared to regular recliners. They typically come with wider seats, generous padding, and plush upholstery materials. Some models may even have additional features like cup holders, tray tables, or built-in speakers for a complete cinematic experience.

Regular recliners, on the other hand, are designed for general use in living rooms, bedrooms, or other areas of the home. They are versatile and can be used for reading, relaxing, or watching TV. Regular recliners may vary in terms of design, size, and materials, offering a broader range of styles to suit different preferences and interior décors.

While both theater recliners and regular recliners have a reclining mechanism to allow users to adjust their positions, theater recliners often offer more flexibility in recline angles and positions to accommodate different viewing angles and preferences. They are designed to provide optimal neck and lumbar support, ensuring comfort during movie marathons or extended entertainment sessions.

In summary, the primary differences between a theater recliner and a regular recliner lie in their specific designs, intended purposes, and additional features. Theater recliners prioritize comfort and luxury for immersive home theater experiences, while regular recliners cater to general relaxation needs in various areas of the home.

Will Medicare Pay for a Recliner for Elderly?

Medicare coverage for a recliner for the elderly is contingent upon specific medical conditions and criteria. Generally, Medicare Part B may provide coverage for durable medical equipment (DME) deemed medically necessary to treat or manage a patient’s health condition. However, a recliner, in and of itself, may not qualify for coverage unless it meets the stringent criteria outlined by Medicare.

To be eligible for coverage, the recliner must be prescribed by a healthcare provider as part of a documented treatment plan. The medical necessity of the recliner must be established, demonstrating its direct relation to the patient’s health condition and its role in improving or maintaining their functional abilities.

Moreover, the recliner must meet the criteria of DME, defined by Medicare as devices that can withstand repeated use, serve a medical purpose, and be suitable for use in the home. It is essential that the recliner is not primarily for comfort or convenience but rather for addressing specific medical needs.

Prior to acquiring a recliner, it is advisable to consult with the healthcare provider to determine if it meets the necessary criteria for Medicare coverage. Additionally, obtaining prior authorization and ensuring compliance with Medicare’s documentation requirements are crucial steps in the process to maximize the likelihood of reimbursement for a medically necessary recliner for the elderly.

What is the Average Cost of a Good Recliner?

The average cost of a good recliner varies depending on several factors such as brand reputation, materials used, construction quality, and additional features. However, for a high-quality recliner that offers durability, comfort, and functionality, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $2000 or more.

At the lower end of the spectrum, around $300 to $600, you can find decent recliners made from faux leather or fabric upholstery with basic reclining mechanisms. These recliners may lack some advanced features and may not be as durable or comfortable as higher-priced options, but they still offer adequate support for occasional use.

Moving up in price range, between $600 to $1000, you’ll encounter recliners crafted from higher quality materials such as genuine leather or premium fabrics. These recliners often feature enhanced ergonomic designs, better cushioning, and more sophisticated reclining mechanisms such as power recline or massage functions. They are suitable for regular use and provide superior comfort and longevity.

At the higher end of the market, priced $1000 and above, you’ll find luxury recliners from reputable brands renowned for their craftsmanship and innovation. These recliners boast top-of-the-line materials, advanced ergonomic features, customizable options, and cutting-edge technologies like heat therapy and adjustable lumbar support. They are designed to offer the ultimate relaxation experience and are built to last for many years with proper care.

Ultimately, the cost of a good recliner is a reflection of its quality, features, and brand reputation. Investing in a higher-priced recliner can provide better comfort, durability, and satisfaction over the long term.

Conclusion. What is the Best Recliner for the Elderly?

I’ve found that the best chair for elderly users is a lift chair. There are certainly a lot of choices in the market, so it can be quite difficult to make a decision.

However, one of the most important things you need to consider when purchasing a recliner for seniors is comfort.

Here are the things you should look for to make sure a recliner is comfy:

  • It should be plushy yet supportive. Make sure the cushioning is soft enough that it offers comfort. But it shouldn’t be too plushy that it doesn’t offer any assistance. It should still be slightly firm so that the user won’t experience discomfort after resting in it for a long time.
  • The upholstery should be breathable, comfy, and easy to clean. Make sure the shell isn’t uncomfortable. It should remain comfortable and breathable even after extended use.
  • There should be multiple reclining positions. It can be difficult to determine the right position for all users. That’s why it’s important that you find a unit that has as many reclining positions as possible.

Having said that, it’s also important to consider the price point and overall functionality of a reclining unit. It should glide smoothly and gently, without the risk of throwing the user out of it, and you should be able to lay and relax in it for extended periods without any issues.


Overall, I found Giantex to be the best choice in today’s market. It is very easy to operate, so there are no complications with elderly users. Additionally, the shell is plush, soft, and warm, so it is very comfy and soothing.

The lift mechanism is also smooth and gentle, so there’s no risk of developing any discomfort while using it.

To cut it short, invest in a recliner that is ultra-comfy, yet very supportive. This is very important if you want to make sure that the user is comfortable, happy, and relaxed throughout the use of their recliner.

This list of eleven recliners for seniors prioritizes different preferences. Whichever unit you choose, I’m confident that you can find one that will make you and any user happy with their new furniture.