10 Best Kids’ Recliners You’ll Love (2024) Review: Our List of Quality Models

Kids recliners are a game-changer when it comes to having your kid entertained and comfortable for a long time. And we all know how important this time is – you actually get some time for yourself.

Being a parent of an active child can be exhausting, so you probably cherish the time when they sit still and watch cartoons.

It isn’t your fault that your restless kid won’t give you some rest. Usually, not being comfortable in their folding chairs is the top reason why they constantly move around.

This is precisely how a kid’s recliner can change your life. It changed mine after I bought the Deluxe microfiber kids’ recliner chair.

However, before I did that, I went over the process of thorough research and consulting with experts.

So, from one parent to another, I’ll save you your valuable time, and present to you the list of the best kids recliners available on the market today.

All of these are great purchases and are a worthy investment in your time and nerves.

What is Kids Recliner?

We all know what recliner chairs and sofas do – they have the feature of allowing you to lower your back, put your feet up, and completely relax.

Kids' ReclinersWell, kids reclining units do the exact same thing. The only difference is that they are appropriately sized for children instead of adults.

Usually, adult recliners aren’t proper for children, especially small children, and toddlers because the lumbar support or headrest is too high, and the kids cannot use the footrest either.

This is why, with an Infant recliner chair, a small child can easily enjoy the position that is specifically made for its size.

Summary: Kids recliner resemble adult recliners in terms of features, purpose, and construction. The difference is the size since kids recliners are explicitly made for the use of seating a child.

10 Best Kids Recliner Brands Review:

There are a lot of choices on the market when it comes to kids’ recliners. Most importantly, all of them have different purposes, come at several price ranges, and have diverse features. So, how do you find the best one?

You simply go over the list below. It contains all the most popular and reputable kids’ recliner chairs and brands.

1. Deluxe Heavily Padded Contemporary Brown Microfiber Kids Recliner with Storage Arms – Best #1 Model Overall

Flash Furniture Deluxe

The first unit on my list is the Flash Furniture Deluxe microfiber recliner. It is a purchase I never regretted, and here is what it can bring to you:

Microfiber upholstery – The chair is comfortable for extended use thanks to the soft and smooth upholstery. Most importantly, it is incredibly easy to clean.

Design – With more than 20 colors to choose from, you can easily put this piece in your space. It is child-sized, so it isn’t bulky, yet, it looks nice and smooth thanks to the rounded edges.

Storage compartments – Both arms of the chair have hidden storage, which is perfect for smaller toys or remote controls. Your kid will love stashing things here.

  • Well-padded
  • Features fire-retardant foam
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Good lumbar support
  • Feet are made from plastic

Summary: The Flash Furniture Deluxe is the best purchase you can make if you want premium comfort for your child.


2. Flash Furniture Contemporary Microfiber Kids Recliner with Cup Holder – Runner Up

Flash Furniture with Cup Holder

It really doesn’t come as a surprise that Flash Furniture has again made it on my list. This time, it’s the contemporary chair with a cup holder that caught my attention.

It can pass as a toddler recliner or a big kid recliner since it has a strong construction. Here is what it brings:

Various colors – You can choose pink, brown, blue, or any other color from the specter. It can easily fit into most interior designs too.

Strong construction – This is a big kid recliner with a cup holder, so it can withstand the weight of 90 pounds seamlessly. It is well-made and durable too.

Safety recline – The footrest doesn’t recline unless there is someone sitting on the chair, which makes sure that the unit is overall safe to use, even around infants and younger children.

  • Microfiber is smooth and easy to clean
  • Can handle 90 pounds
  • Diverse colors to choose from
  • Robust construction
  • Free-shipping
  • No storage compartments

Summary: All in all, the Contemporary Flash Furniture unit is a great chair that can offer decent comfort for a kid that likes watching cartoons and drinking their beverage in front of the TV.


3. Flash Furniture Contemporary Orange Vinyl Kids Recliner with Cup Holder and Headrest

This Flash Furniture Orange Vinyl

If microfiber upholstery is inconvenient for you, perhaps you should consider vinyl. This Flash Furniture piece is one of the best vinyl recliners and what it is designed to provide:

Easy-maintenance upholstery – Vinyl is known for being easy to clean, all you’ll need is a damp cloth, and it will be as good as new. The vinyl is of high-quality, and it doesn’t crack or scratch easily. Just be careful about your child drawing on it.

Comfort – The chair has a fire-retardant foam inside, and there is a plush padded back ensuring the ultimate comfort and decent lumbar support.

Oversized headrest – The headrest covers are of high quality and quite comfortable too. The manufacturer made it ensuring ultimate comfort for laying.

  • Chair with cup holder
  • Several colors to choose from
  • Oversized headrest
  • Plush padded back
  • Easy to clean
  • Plastic legs look cheap

Summary: If you want to ensure good lumbar support and a handy cup holder for your kid, this chair is a good choice.


4. AmazonBasics LeatherSoft Kids/Youth Recliner with Armrest Storage, 5+ Age Group

AmazonBasics LeatherSoft

If you want a chair that suits 2-year old toddlers and will fit them in the next couple of years, the AmazonBasics LeatherSoft unit is a chair you should consider. Here is what you get by making the purchase:

Strong construction – The internal parts are made from solid hardwood, and they are durable and damage-resistant. Most importantly, the chair has a 90-pound weight capacity.

Upholstery – The chair features LeatherSoft upholstery that is easy to maintain and clean. Simply use a damp cloth.

Comfort – Your kid will rest in this chair for hours feeling relaxed, and it has plush padding and a fire-retardant foam filling.

  • Armrest storage compartment
  • Durable
  • Good value for money
  • Easy maintenance
  • The reclining mechanism is not easily accessible
  • Four colors to choose from

Summary: The AmazonBasics is a simple and elegant piece of kid’s furniture that will look lovely in a living room or a playroom.


5. Delta Children High Back Upholstered Chair /DC Comics Batman

Delta Children Recliner

If your kid is passionate about superheroes, they would love sitting in a chair with their favorite hero. This is why you should consider the Delta Children recliner. Here is what it can offer:

Durable frame – With a hardwood frame that is made to last, this chair will hold any kid that weighs less than 100 pounds. Of course, it shouldn’t be used by kids that are younger than 3 years.

Faux leather upholstery – The upholstery on the chair is high-quality faux leather, and as such, it is incredibly easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Different designs – You can choose the different designs – Avengers, Batman, Comics Justice League, Wonder Woman, Super Hero Girls, and Jojo Siwa depending on your child’s wishes.

  • Good construction
  • Meets CPSC Standards
  • Comfortable for extended use
  • Should not be used by infants

Summary: If you want a durable, hero-themed recliner for your child, this is a great choice.


6. Baby Relax Mikayla Recliner

Baby Relax

This recliner is made to make your life easy. It can be used by both adults and kids above 3, which is why it is a perfect nursing room unit.

Here is what it can bring you:

Linen upholstery – The Baby Relax features nice and soft linen upholstery. It is really nice to the touch too.

Great mechanisms – The unit features a smooth gliding motion and a rotating swivel function that are handy for rocking a kid, nursing, and having your child watch cartoons. The enclosed ball mechanism is durable too.

Strong construction – The recliner is made from robust materials, and it has a spring core foam that is made to last. This is why the chair can handle about 225 lbs. of weight.

  • Elegant and stylish design
  • Warranty
  • Comfort for extended use
  • Minimal assembly
  • Not great for independent use by children

Summary: If you have 2 (or more) kids and they require your constant attention, you’ll find that the Baby Relax Mikayla recliner is your ally.


7. KEET Roundy Rocking Kid’s Chair Gingham

KEET Roundy Rocking Kid's Chair Gingham

Another great chair that will fit perfectly in larger living rooms is the Keet Roundy Reclining chair. It is a fairly large chair, so it can be used by tween kids too.

Here is what else it has:

Robust frame – The frame is made from strong wood, and as such, it can withstand a lot of usages. It is quite durable too.

Comfort – Thanks to the high-density foam, sitting and relaxing in this chair for hours is a thing your kid will love to do. It is quite breathable too.

Gingham fabric – Available in different colors, the chair can fit perfectly in most interior designs.

  • Wooden frame
  • Easy-maintenance
  • Durable cushioning and foam
  • Wooden legs are stylish
  • Might be too large for small kids

Summary: If you want a chair that your kid will use for ages, this is a good option.


8. KEET Roundy Kid’s Chair Denim

Denim Roundy

Another reasonable and budget-friendly option is the Keet Roundy recliner. Here is what it can bring to you:

Soft fabric – The upholstery has a denim color, but unlike true denim, it is soft and nice to the touch. Also, the upholstery is stain-resistant, and all you need to clean spots is a bit of warm water.

Hardwood frame – The frame is quite durable too, and it can withstand a lot of use too. The legs are made from wood too, so you can have a recliner that looks like the rest of the furniture.

Compact design – The chair measures 24W x 18D x 17H inches, which is why it can perfectly fit into smaller rooms too.

  • High-density foam is very comfortable
  • Lightweight chair is easy to move around
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Not a lot of colors to choose from
  • Should only be used by children of ages 2 to 5

Summary: If your toddler enjoys sitting in front of the TV, this is a budget-friendly option for a good recliner.


9. Delta Children Upholstered Chair / Disney Frozen

Disney Recliners

The Delta Children chair with a Frozen-themed design is a cool chair that your child will love. Here is what it offers:

Durable construction – The chair has a hardwood frame that can hold up to 100 pounds.

Safe – Meeting safety standards by the CPSC; you can rely on this chair completely.

Frozen-design– If your child enjoys watching Elsa and Anna over and over again, they’d love this chair too.

  • Well-padded seat
  • Compact design
  • Meets CPSC standards
  • Easy to clean
  • Might be too colorful for living rooms

Summary: The Delta Children Frozen recliner is a good choice for any kid that likes the Elsa movie.


10. Brazil Furniture Children’s Button Back Recliner

Brazil Furniture

Last but not least, we have a Brazil Furniture recliner. Here is what this recliner brings to the table:

Good padding – The chair is comfortable for many hours of sitting.

Cool design – Besides the colorful upholstery, there is a button tufted back in the chair that gives it some elegance.

Strong construction – The weight capacity of the chair is 90 lbs which is more than enough for most kids.

  • Durable chair
  • Budget-friendly
  • USA-made
  • Comfortable padding
  • Other designs available too
  • Not great for tall kids

Summary: If your child loves sports and sports games, this is probably the best recliner for them.


Summary for all: If you are looking for the best recliner for your kids – the list above shows the most popular options, and frankly, I think they can meet all different criteria you might have.

Big Kid Recliner

So the feeling of a recliner being cold and dreary isn’t any different than if it had, say, been reclined. Not right. Especially as the manufacturer doesn’t make any color other than black. And if the recliner had been in the sun while it sat in the box, I’m sure it would have looked like the art on a painting. It’s been… um, a while in the shop. Our Kool Kids club meeting is tonight, so I’m getting back on the computer. And, since so many people have been asking what’s up.

I’m going to start posting on a semi-regular basis again. I have some better posts that I’ve started and just not finished, so we’ll see how this goes! Of course, posting every day is not exactly easy when I have a family to take care of and jobs and school to juggle. But here goes nothing… First, my nickname for my dad. It just seemed kind of appropriate as we got into the part of the reunion where everyone talked about how great their parents were.

Why Are Recliners Bad for You?

The biggest myth about recliners is that they reduce overall body circulation, especially in your legs and feet. But they do the opposite. By hunching over the chair for hours at a time, the tendons in your calves and ankles are atrophied and shortened, says Alan Hutcheon, a podiatrist in North London. It takes time and exposure to real exercise to rebuild them—the most effective form of exercise is the pedaling of a stationary bicycle or treadmill, which presses up against your legs.

The “safety” problem is a little more nuanced. Over time, flat chairs can get gradually harder to sleep in, especially for people who snore or have a belly that bumps against the edge of the chair, says, or sleep on their side. The lumbar support for most recliners is “extra-cushioned” and gives the backrest, but over time it will keep your low back compressed. So when you turn over, your spine gets a shock as it hits the wall of your chair and so your neck and shoulders will inevitably be strained in that position. “It can be painful to turn over and can create soreness in the muscles of the neck, shoulder, and lower back,” says Nancy Walsh.

What is a Nordic Recliner?

It is a high-quality upholstered, cushioned chair designed to hold you in the most comfortable position. It does not resemble a sofa or a chair, but rather has a back that is covered in pillows, cushions, or a combination of the two. The position of the legs is in the middle of the seat and thighs and sits in a reclining position. The arms are also shorter, reaching above the body of the person and the footrests come right up to the feet. All of the seats come with armrests, headrests, cup holders, and thick padding.

Nordic Recliner has also got unusual add-on features. The table can be adjusted and turned into a coffee table and a TV can be placed on top of it. That means there is enough room to spread out the whole family. There is no roof over the head, so no need to worry about rain ruining your family time. Nordic Recliner has all the luxuries that you have come to expect from the kind of furniture in your home.

Child Size Recliner

With a magnetic footrest and body support, this child-size black leather kids recliner chair provides comfort and stability. As an additional bonus, the traditional style can be easily transformed into a more contemporary flair by changing the design. Includes cushion and cushion covers. All shapes and sizes are needed for this idea, so ask friends, neighbors, relatives, or by word of mouth!

IOZ Solution Adjustable Beach Chair. You and your children can create a special spot under the sun for a relaxing day at the beach with this IOZ solution beach chair. Ideal for young children. Comes with six-foot reclining poles, a cushion, and a floating ottoman. It comes with two cushion covers to choose from. SIEM Synthetic Foot Fittings. This sierra coated synthetic foot fitting is extra safe and long-lasting, compared to regular clothes, particularly in summer.

Dream Street Kids Recliner

Feel like a kid again in this zebra-striped soft-touch recliner office chair, featuring three manual modes, button control, and a USB charging port. Its detachable footrest keeps kids in place, while its leather upholstery and fold-down tray ensure easy reachability for your precious cargo. Hefty and bulky, but has the look and comfortable seat to match its hefty price tag. This very large chair is great for two or three people.

Are Recliners Safe for Kids?

Ensuring the safety of children around recliners requires a nuanced understanding of both the design features of the recliner itself and the potential risks associated with their use in the presence of young children.

First and foremost, it’s crucial to acknowledge that certain types of recliners may pose safety concerns for children, especially if they incorporate complex mechanical components or lack appropriate safety features. Recliners with exposed moving parts, such as the reclining mechanism or footrest, can present pinch points that may pose a risk of injury to small fingers or hands. Therefore, when selecting a recliner for a household with children, it is advisable to choose models with built-in safety mechanisms or those designed with child-friendly features.

Another consideration is the stability of the recliner. Children, especially toddlers, are naturally curious and may attempt to climb on or play around furniture. It is essential to opt for recliners with a sturdy and stable base to prevent the risk of tipping or toppling over, which could result in injury.

Moreover, the material used in the construction of the recliner is significant for child safety. Non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials are preferable to avoid potential allergic reactions or adverse health effects. Additionally, choosing recliners with easy-to-clean, stain-resistant fabrics contributes to maintaining a hygienic environment for children.

Parents and caregivers should be vigilant about educating children on the proper use of recliners and set clear guidelines regarding their interaction with such furniture. Establishing rules about not playing or climbing on recliners can help mitigate potential risks.

In summary, while recliners can be a comfortable and functional addition to a household, ensuring their safety for children involves selecting models with child-friendly features, stable construction, and non-toxic materials. Supervision and clear communication of rules regarding recliner usage are essential components of maintaining a safe environment for children around these pieces of furniture.

How To Pick The Right Recliner For Your Kid(s)

Whenever you are buying something for your kid, you should have quality in mind. After all, we all want the best for our children.

Recliners with KidsWhen it comes to recliners, the following list contains the most important features each recliner should have:

  • Strong construction
  • Comfortable padding
  • Warranty
  • Reliable reclining mechanism
  • Strong legs
  • Easy-maintenance upholstery
  • Proper size and design for your room
  • Reasonable price (or at least good value for money)
  • Cup holder and other features

Summary: Before making a purchase, go over the list above to see if your investment is worth making.

What to Look for in Toddler Recliners?

When it comes to choosing toddler recliners, careful consideration is essential to ensure the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of your little one. These miniature loungers provide a sense of independence and relaxation for toddlers, making them feel like grown-ups while watching their favorite shows, reading, or simply unwinding. Here are some key factors to look for when selecting the perfect toddler recliner.

Safety First: Prioritize safety features when choosing a toddler recliner. Look for chairs with a sturdy construction and materials that meet safety standards. Avoid recliners with small parts that could pose a choking hazard. Additionally, recliners with a locking mechanism to prevent accidental folding or pinching will add an extra layer of safety.

Appropriate Size: Toddler recliners come in various sizes to accommodate different age groups. Ensure that the chair’s dimensions are appropriate for your child’s size and weight. A well-fitting recliner will provide optimal comfort and support, making it easier for your toddler to relax and enjoy their time in the chair.

Comfort and Cushioning: The comfort of the recliner is crucial for your toddler’s enjoyment. Look for chairs with ample cushioning that provides softness without compromising support. A comfortable recliner will encourage your child to use it regularly and create positive associations with relaxation.

Easy-to-Clean Material: Let’s face it—toddler spills and messes are inevitable. Opt for recliners covered in easy-to-clean materials like vinyl or microfiber. These materials are less likely to absorb spills and can be wiped down quickly, making maintenance a breeze.

Recline Mechanism: The recline mechanism should be user-friendly for both parents and toddlers. Some recliners have manual mechanisms, while others feature push-button or lever-controlled reclining. Choose a mechanism that is safe and easy for your child to operate, promoting their sense of independence.

Durability: Toddlers are known for their boundless energy and curiosity, which means their furniture can take quite a beating. Look for recliners made from durable materials and solid construction that can withstand rough handling and frequent use.

Design and Aesthetics: Toddler recliners come in various designs, colors, and patterns to match your child’s preferences and your home decor. Involving your child in the decision-making process can make the recliner selection an exciting experience for them.

Additional Features: Some toddler recliners offer extra features such as cup holders, side pockets, or built-in USB charging ports. While not essential, these features can add convenience and enhance your child’s experience.

Portability: If you envision moving the recliner around the house frequently, consider a lightweight and portable option. This flexibility allows your child to enjoy their recliner wherever they feel like lounging.

Reviews and Recommendations: Before making a final decision, read reviews from other parents who have purchased the same recliner. Their insights can provide valuable information about the chair’s durability, comfort, and overall quality.

In conclusion, choosing a toddler recliner involves more than just picking a cute chair. Prioritize safety, comfort, durability, and ease of maintenance. By considering these factors, you can select a toddler recliner that becomes a cherished piece of furniture for your little one, providing them with a cozy and relaxing space of their own.

How Much Should I Spend for a Good Recliner?

Investing in a recliner can significantly enhance your comfort and relaxation at home, but determining how much to spend can be challenging. The cost of a good recliner varies widely based on factors such as quality, features, and brand. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you decide on an appropriate budget for a good recliner.

Understanding Price Ranges

Recliners typically fall into three price categories: budget, mid-range, and high-end. Understanding these categories can help you align your expectations and requirements with your budget.

Budget Recliners ($200 – $500):
Budget recliners are a great option for those seeking basic functionality without breaking the bank. These recliners often feature simpler designs and are constructed with more affordable materials like polyester or faux leather. While they offer comfort, their durability and lifespan may be limited compared to more expensive models. Budget recliners are ideal for occasional use or for those who need a temporary solution.

Mid-Range Recliners ($500 – $1,000):
Mid-range recliners strike a balance between cost and quality. They often feature better construction materials such as higher-grade fabrics or bonded leather, and offer more comfort features like additional padding, ergonomic support, and multiple reclining positions. This price range also includes some power recliners with basic electronic adjustments. Mid-range recliners are suitable for regular use and provide a good balance of comfort, durability, and aesthetics.

High-End Recliners ($1,000 – $2,500+):
High-end recliners represent the pinnacle of comfort and luxury. Constructed from premium materials such as top-grain leather and solid hardwood frames, these recliners are built to last. They often come with advanced features like power reclining with multiple positions, massage and heating functions, and customizable settings. High-end recliners are an excellent investment for those seeking maximum comfort, durability, and a stylish addition to their home décor.

Factors to Consider

When deciding how much to spend on a recliner, consider the following factors:

Frequency of Use:

If you plan to use the recliner daily, it’s wise to invest in a mid-range or high-end model to ensure long-term comfort and durability.

Desired Features:

Advanced features such as power reclining, heat, massage, and ergonomic adjustments can significantly enhance your comfort but will increase the cost.

Material Preferences:

Premium materials like top-grain leather or high-density foam add to the price but offer superior comfort and longevity.

Brand and Warranty:

Established brands often provide better quality and customer service. A good warranty is also crucial as it protects your investment and ensures peace of mind.

The amount you should spend on a good recliner depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. A mid-range recliner typically offers the best balance of cost and quality for most people, ensuring comfort, durability, and a range of useful features. However, if you seek the ultimate in luxury and advanced features, investing in a high-end recliner may be worthwhile. Evaluate your requirements carefully to make an informed decision that brings you lasting comfort and satisfaction.

Where Should You Buy Recliners For Children?

There are different places where you can buy recliners. First, there are big lots and traditional shops. When it comes to children’s recliners, Costco/ is one option, and children’s recliners, big lots, are a good option too.

Walmart Logo

You have shops like Target, Elle Decor, Walmart, and other places where you can make a purchase. However, these places will usually take up your time, and you might make an uninformed decision.

On the other hand, online shops like Amazon, for example, offer an abundance of choices, and you are informed about all reviews and hidden features of the products. It is usually safer to buy online since you have greater information.

Summary: Online shops are better because they offer a greater set of information.

Final Words

Before I conclude the article, just a few last words.

I did a lot of research and found that there are many worthy recliners on the market. However, the Flash Furniture Deluxe is the absolute best and most convenient model available in today’s market.


I didn’t regret my purchase, and I know nobody else will.