7 Best Chair and a Half Recliner Brands | #1 Comfy & Affordable!

Recliner chairs, in general, are widely popular because of their health benefits. Moreover, you’ll also appreciate these chairs and a half options for recliners that will allow you to have a little more space yourself during your downtimes.

Chair-and-a-half recliners are popular because they bring together a perfect marriage of the most comfortable pieces of furniture in the market.

On the one hand, a chair and a half seating will allow you to style your furniture as you please without it feeling cramped. Moreover, it’s also very versatile. You can use it for relaxing, reading, lounging, and even for conversing with friends and family.

Furthermore, recliners are well-known for their benefits when it comes to back pain and general comfort. Take a look at seven of the best chair and a-half recliners on the market.

Review Summary:

  • 1. Stone & Beam Lauren Down-Filled – Best #1 Chair and a Half Recliner
  • 2. Thornhill
  • 3. Heller Snuggler
  • 4. Heiko Zero 51″
  • 5. Teddy Bear
  • 6. Signature Design by Ashley Banner
  • 7. Sanner Power Recliner

If you’re wondering which of these units I found to be the best choice, I can recommend the Stone and Beam Lauren Down-Filled reclining chair and a half.

For starters, there are multiple upholstery options. It also features an overstuffed design that allows you to sink into your chair the moment you sit on it. You’ll enjoy the classic casual design that fits into any decor choice.

7 Best Chair and a Half Recliners (List for 2024)

Chair-and-a-half recliners are widely popular because of the amount of comfort and versatility they offer. Moreover, they’re ideal for a number of activities.

Whether you like to play video games, read, relax, and enjoy the view, a chair, and a half recliner will help you stretch out, enjoy the company of a few throw pillows and lean back any number of ways to accommodate your comfort.

Here are seven of the best chair and a-half recliners in the market.

1. Stone & Beam Lauren Down-Filled – Best #1 Chair and a Half Recliner

Stone Beam Lauren

This dining room staple is versatile, functional, and durable. You’ll enjoy the complimentary scheduled delivery, which allows you to set up an ideal date and time for your furniture to be delivered. I also appreciated the premium upholstery that comes in seven color choices.

Take a look at its best features:

Solid Hardwood Frame – prepare to sink into a timelessly comfortable recliner. But more than that, you don’t need to worry about it crumbling from under you. The solid hardwood frame will provide enough support and is designed to last you a very long time.

Premium Cushions – the down-filled cushions are soft, but not overly so. You can expect to feel well-supported and comfortable at the same time. Moreover, the cushioning is just right, so you can sink into it when you sit. The backrest is also quite stiff. You should expect it to wear down over time to perfect plush comfort.

Fuss-free Delivery – aside from the scheduled delivery, you’ll appreciate the fuss-free and quick delivery process. The company is very easy to talk to and makes room for ample accommodations to suit your needs.

  • Durable upholstery and frame
  • Spacious and generous seat depth
  • Designed to last a long time
  • Moisture and stain-resistant fabric
  • Reversible slipcovers for the cushions
  • Might be too big for some rooms

Summary: If you’re looking for a truly comfortable piece of furniture to add to your living space, you’ll enjoy the Stone & Beam Lauren Down-filled. It has a very generous seat depth and features premium upholstery and cushions that lend support and comfort whenever you need it.


2. Thornhill – Best Leather

Heller Snuggler

The Thornhill recliner features beautiful authentic leather upholstery that is easy to clean and durable. You’ll appreciate the corner-blocked frame and metal reinforced footrest and seats. Furthermore, you’ll also appreciate the supple cushioning that provides both ample support and cushion.

Take a look at its best features:

Power Reclining – this genuine leather feature a powered reclining mechanism. Moreover, it can also recline to a number of different positions that you’ll find thoroughly relaxing.

Wall Hugger – you’ll appreciate the space-saving capabilities of this luxurious and beautiful recliner. It only requires three inches of wall clearance to fully recline. Having said that, you’ll appreciate being able to place this in a smaller room.

  • Space-efficient wall hugger design
  • Genuine leather upholstery
  • Power reclining feature
  • Infinite reclining features
  • Resilient cushions
  • A bit expensive

Summary: For a little over $1,000 you can take this stunning power recliner home office. It’s durably built with authentic leather upholstery and very comfortable cushions. This also means it will last you a long time, so it’s ultimately a great investment.


3. Heller Snuggler – Most Convenient Manual Recliner

Heller Snuggler

This manual recliner is ideal for watching movies and for anyone who wants to keep their recliners both comfortable and convenient. You’ll appreciate its functionality and the durable upholstery that’s meant to hold everything together.

Take a look at its best features:

Precisely Cut Wooden Frame – this unit is manufactured using state-of-the-art techniques that guarantee consistent comfort and durability. You’ll be interested to know that your chair will closely follow the standards set by the company with little to no variations that could affect the quality of your chair negatively.

Spring System – this manual model as chairs benches utilizes a spring system cushioning that gives you just the right amount of comfort and support. This also gives you a more supple cushioning that cannot be replicated by simply using high dense cushions.

  • Comes with a cupholder
  • The cushions have a great give for comfort
  • Good quality control procedures
  • Easy to spot clean
  • Wall hugging, so it’s space-efficient
  • Three positions available
  • Manual reclining mechanism
  • Not made from real leather (FAUX Leather)

Summary: This Red Barrel Studio is an ideal choice if you want something reasonably-priced and well-built. It’s guaranteed to keep you comfortable and well-supported while binge-watching your favorite shows and it will keep your drink close by as well.


4. Heiko Zero 51″ – Best Luxury


This fifty-one-inch recliner is as push and luxurious as they get. It ships assembled, so you don’t have to spend time trying to put it together, and for only $740, you can have a chair, and a half recliner that’s upholstered with soft and plush polyester fabric with a velvet feel available in two colors.

Here are its best features:

Wall-hugger Design – this model is as space-efficient as it is durable. Its wall-hugging style allows you to place it as close to the wall as possible. You’ll only need 3 inches of wall clearance to be able to recline it completely, which is ideal if you don’t have a lot of floor space.

User-friendly Controls – you’ll appreciate the one-touch controls that allow you to recline and adjust your chair’s positions. This not only gives you full authority over your comfort, but it also allows you to make pitch-perfect adjustments to suit your needs.

  • 250-pound weight capacity
  • No assembly required
  • Infinite reclining positions
  • Comfortable footrest
  • User-friendly controls
  • The arms could use more padding

Summary: Unless you plan on laying across the armrests, you shouldn’t find anything too bothersome with this unit. If you do plan on laying across the armrests, make sure you have a pillow on hand as you can feel the woodwork beneath. Aside from that, you’ll appreciate this highly convenient recliner that requires no assembly and is fairly easy to operate.


5. Teddy Bear – Best Rocker Recliner

Teddy Bear

This double rocker recliner is ideal if you’re looking for something to soothe you or a little one. Although not a wall-hugging unit, you’ll enjoy the smooth rocking motion designed to lull you and your little one to sleep. You’ll appreciate how it is designed ultimately for your comfort.

Take a look at its best features:

Tufted Backrest – the tufted backrest features a plush fiber-filled cushion that is designed to contour to your body. This design will maximize your comfort and allow you to sit for hours without developing any bodily pain or unwanted discomfort.

Pocketed Coil Seating – you’ll appreciate the individual pocket-coil seat springs that are covered with foam. You’ll also appreciate the cool gel memory foam layer that keeps you both cool and comfortable for extended periods.

  • Steel seat box to prevent warping
  • Comfortable chaise pad
  • Pillow-like armrests
  • Metal-reinforced frame
  • Rocker recliner
  • Plush fabric
  • Not a wall hugger

Summary: If you’re looking for the ideal catnapping partner, this Teddy Bear is the ideal choice for you. It’s affordable, features a rocking mechanism and is designed to hold heavy loads. The armrests are cushioned to be soft and pillow-like. Moreover, you’ll also appreciate the plush fabric that feels velvet smooth and luxurious. Unfortunately, you will need at least 15 inches of wall clearance for this recliner so it’s best suited for larger rooms.


6. Signature Design by Ashley Banner

Signature Design by Ashley Banner

This oriental oversized recliner chair by Ashley furniture armchair features windowpane stitching that is stunning to say the least. It’s certainly a beautiful addition to any room and will stand out for all the right reasons.

The vinyl exterior upholstery is easy to clean and maintain and keeps it at an affordable price range without sacrificing its luxurious aesthetic.

Here’s why you’ll like it:

Firm Cushioning – this beautiful Banner features firm cushions that are designed to give you ample support and just the right amount of comfort. Moreover, you’ll appreciate the fact that the cushion is designed to last a long time and will wear down beautifully.

Convenient Velcro Attachment – the seat cushion features velcro on one side to keep it from slipping. This is something you’ll appreciate if you hate having to readjust your seat cushion every once in a while.

  • Durable frame oversized recliner
  • Reliable manufacturer and brand
  • Easy to clean upholstery
  • Not real leather
  • Does not come with ottoman

Summary: This manual recliner is an ideal purchase if you’re looking for something that is ornate and will add a touch of class to any room. Its upholstery is easy to clean and the cushioning is designed to last a long time.


7. Sanner


This recliner chair will sit beautifully in your living room. It’s ideal if you want something you can lay across on or snuggle in with someone. You’ll appreciate the generous seat depth and beautifully upholstered cushions that make any activity this comfortable unit.

Take a look at its best features:

Power Reclining – this model can easily recline to multiple positions. That said, it’s also available in a manual reclining option if you want to save a bit of money. Either way, it reclines beautifully and smoothly.

  • Infinite reclining positions
  • Plush polyester blend upholstery
  • Requires assembly
  • No position lock

Summary: It can be reclined to an infinite number of positions. However, it does not have a position locking feature and it requires assembly. If you’re undeterred by that, you’ll appreciate the plush comfort this unit can deliver.


8. Christopher Knight Home Halima Microfiber – Bonus

Christopher Knight

For those looking for plush and comfortable living room furniture or bedroom furniture, this is the home recliner chair that is engineered for daily comfort. Whether you’re sitting, standing, reclining, or lying down, this gives you a good night’s sleep.

This early ’70s Halima recliner is one of those incredibly comfortable items that enhance a space while never intruding. Though it’s short and narrow (16 inches by 8.5 inches), it creates the illusion of the larger home theater style (think Dolby Atmos) with its curved arms and legs, rather than a boxy two-seat couch.

It has a floating divider between the two pieces that opens or closes at the touch of a button, an ideal feature for a great-room accent piece. Two big picture windows that overlook the back garden make for optimal night-watching.

As with so many other of the new-era Recliners, it is the motors that are the highlight. These are a bit of a novel design factor because they are electric, not powered by a mechanical movement. There are no tension springs in the arms, there are no springs in the legs, and there is no gearbox or flywheel. The motors are driven by a pair of ultra-strong solid-state coils in a custom enclosure with die-cast metal components. They are rated for six-hour use, and one has done the job since we put the Halima together.

They have no sensors, so if your Halima begins to wobble or wobbles in a serious way while you’re watching your favorite TV show (or football game, or debate show), you can unplug it and it will disconnect its motor belt. Also great for your game room.

What are the Different Types of Recliners? Choosing the Right Model for Your Home

There are many different types of recliners. They all differ in their mechanism, their main purpose, and of course, their features.

Types of Recliners

Here are some of the most popular recliner types in the market:

  • Two Position Recliner – two-position recliners are limited but functional. They’re most likely used as seating for lounges wherein you can only choose between an upright or a fully reclined position.
  • Rocker Glider – rocker and glider recliners are very similar in that they are ideal if you struggle to fall asleep. They’re also ideal for parents or nursing mothers. You’ll find that rocker recliners move in the traditional arcing motion while gliders slide smoothly forward and backward.
  • Power Lift – a power lift recliner is best suited for users with limited mobility. You’ll appreciate the fact that your chair will rise to a certain height to help you sit without strain then ease you back into your preferred position smoothly.
  • Swivel Recliner – swivel recliners incorporate one of the best features any chair can have: swivel. You’ll enjoy turning your chair in circles to face whichever way you please.
  • Wall Hugger – most popular for smaller rooms or those with limited space, wall hugger recliners require little to no space to perform their basic function.
  • With Ottoman – reclining units with a separate ottoman are similar to a two-position recliner. However, instead of a footrest, you have an ottoman that you can purchase with the recliner or separately.
  • Sleeper Recliner – recliners are very beneficial for your back. That’s why it should come as no surprise that sleeper recliners are popular. These recliners can recline to a flat position and allow you to sleep or nap on your chair.
  • Zero Gravity – modeled after NASA’s zero-gravity technology, zero-g recliners are designed to put you in a state of virtual weightlessness. There are multiple benefits in doing so, one of which is the fact that you’re less likely to hurt your back.
  • Gaming Recliner – there are many types of gaming recliners available on the market. These are designed to give players comfort on consoles or computers whenever they spend hours gaming.
  • Wingback Chair – a wingback chair features an extra-wide back design that is best suited for reading nooks or small rooms meant to give a cozy and warm feel.

Overall, there are many more types of recliners you can find on the market. Having said that, there are certainly recliners with more than just one function. Whenever you’re choosing a recliner, it’s important to make sure you have every function you need.

Moreover, you should always consider your comfort. If a recliner is not comfortable, then it’s certainly not worth it.

What is a 2 Position Recliner?

One-horsepower, no gas or clutch — just relax and enjoy every song from your favorite CD with the complete warmth and serenity that only a Yamaha 2 Position Recliner for dining sets can provide. Or, go all out and sit on the Yamaha Music PlayVideo recliner that lets you relax in front of your favorite DVD or on a lap top. A full-size, non-jetted, bass-heavy design with contour and comfortable armrests, large wheels, flip-flop footrests, and comfortable seat, a 2-position recliner also has a heated power cushion.

Additionally, the low back can tilt forward and backward, bringing you into the best posture for your seating. When it comes to music, there’s nothing better than a feeling of total comfort and relaxation in bedroom sets. With a breathable back and cushion, the Yamaha Music PlayVideo recliner makes music fun and unforgettable. Choose from 9 vivid colors for your two-position recliner, which helps to make your surroundings bright and cheerful.

What is a Double Recliner?

A double recliner is an outstanding investment for your home. They are very comfortable and come in different designs and shapes. The recliner has two seats connected by an aisle-way style chair back. Since they come in different shapes and styles, the cost can vary between several thousand and several hundred dollars. If you are unable to invest a large sum of money into your home, the double recliner is a great investment.

Why buy a Double Recliner? The recliner is one of the best home furniture. It is great for those who want to watch TV at night. By sitting in a good position, you can avoid looking at the television screen while watching a movie. By sitting in a comfortable position, you can make your posture more comfortable. The cost of a double recliner is high compared to other home furniture, however, it is a good investment in your home furniture. If you have a small apartment and you do not want to buy a full-sized recliner, the double recliner is ideal.

How Wide is a Chair and a Half Recliner?

Let’s look at a chair and a half as a wide chair. A chair and a half are measured at the seat. So the typical tall chair you may see in your favorite antique store or website is a “chair and a half.” An arms-length is the length from the front foot support to the back of the chair.

A U-shape is a design that results in a very wide chair that requires two or more people to sit on it comfortably. This is because two people can’t sit across from each other on a single-width chair. You can find a wide, U-shaped chair for sale at auction (the chairs are often wide, flat, flat, and square). But you have to know the markings. Most dealers don’t mark the chairs and most of us are not as observant as they are. A chair and a half recliner is a more expensive option. A recliner’s arms are slightly longer than a normal chair. Usually, these sit on a flat floor. Do Wide Chairs and Recliners Require Butt Extensions?

How Long Should a Recliner Last?

The average recliner should last around 10 years, but some will last longer. As long as you take care of your recliner and your body, it can last longer. If you have back issues, you might want to consider a new recliner when you replace your couch or chair. There are different types of recliners. While you can get all sorts of recliners at places like Walmart or Amazon, you will need to research to find out the right recliner for you. You might want a recliner with a memory foam pillow for your back. You might want to buy a power recliner with buttons for lowering the chair. You don’t have to get a recliner that is much larger. The difference in the price of a recliner is about $100 to $200. The bigger the recliner, the more expensive it will be.

Recommendations For Oversized Chairs

When considering oversized chairs, several factors come into play to ensure optimal comfort and functionality. Whether for lounging, reading, or watching TV, selecting the right oversized chair involves considering aspects such as size, support, materials, and design.

Firstly, prioritize size and proportions. Oversized chairs should offer ample seating space to accommodate users comfortably without feeling cramped. Look for chairs with generous dimensions, including a wide seat and tall backrest, to provide sufficient room for relaxation.

Support is crucial in oversized chairs to prevent discomfort and promote proper posture. Opt for chairs with robust construction, including sturdy frames and high-quality cushioning. Look for chairs with firm yet supportive cushions that maintain their shape over time, providing reliable support for extended periods of sitting.

Additionally, consider the materials used in the construction of oversized chairs. Durable upholstery options such as leather or heavy-duty fabric ensure longevity and ease of maintenance. Pay attention to the quality of stitching and reinforcement in high-stress areas to ensure durability and longevity.

Furthermore, ergonomic design features can enhance the comfort and functionality of oversized chairs. Look for chairs with built-in lumbar support to promote healthy spinal alignment and reduce the risk of back pain. Adjustable features such as reclining mechanisms or ottomans provide versatility, allowing users to customize their seating experience to their preferences.

Consider the style and aesthetics of the oversized chair to complement your existing decor and personal taste. Whether you prefer a traditional, contemporary, or eclectic design, choose a chair that harmonizes with your living space while offering the comfort and functionality you desire.

Finally, don’t overlook additional features that can enhance the overall experience of using an oversized chair. This may include built-in cup holders, storage compartments, or integrated massage and heating functions for added relaxation and convenience.

In conclusion, when selecting oversized chairs, prioritize factors such as size, support, materials, design, and additional features to ensure optimal comfort and functionality. By considering these aspects, you can choose an oversized chair that meets your needs for relaxation, lounging, and everyday use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Chair and a Half?

A chair and a half, also known as an oversized chair or a wide chair, is a distinctive piece of furniture that offers a spacious seating area between that of a traditional chair and a small loveseat. This unique design blends the comfort of a chair with the additional room to accommodate an extra person or provide a cozy lounging experience. The dimensions of a chair and a half typically exceed those of a standard chair, with increased width and depth to allow for enhanced comfort and relaxation. It features a single seat cushion, which is wider than a regular chair, often with generous padding for added comfort. The wider seating surface of a chair and a half provides ample space for individuals to curl up, stretch out, or even share the seat comfortably. This versatile furniture piece is commonly found in living rooms, bedrooms, or reading nooks, offering a luxurious seating option for those seeking extra room and comfort without committing to a larger sofa or sectional.

What is the Difference Between a Recliner and a Wall Hugger?

A recliner and a wall hugger are two distinct types of chairs that offer different functionalities and space-saving features. A recliner is a chair designed to provide optimal comfort by allowing the user to recline the backrest and often extend a footrest. It typically features a mechanism that allows for smooth reclining and adjustment of the chair’s position. On the other hand, a wall hugger is a specific type of recliner that is designed to maximize space efficiency. It is constructed with a unique forward-sliding mechanism that enables the chair to recline without requiring ample space behind it. This innovative design allows the wall hugger to be positioned close to the wall, saving valuable floor space in smaller rooms. Unlike traditional recliners, the wall hugger’s backrest moves forward as it reclines, minimizing the chair’s overall footprint. This makes wall-hugger recliners an ideal choice for rooms with limited space, such as apartments or smaller living areas. While both recliners and wall huggers offer luxurious comfort, the key difference lies in their space-saving capabilities, with wall huggers providing a practical solution for those seeking relaxation without sacrificing room space.

What is a Bariatric Recliner Chair?

A Bariatric Recliner Chair is a specialized piece of furniture designed to accommodate individuals who are overweight or obese. These recliners are engineered with a focus on durability, safety, and comfort to meet the unique needs of individuals with higher body weights. Here’s a detailed overview of what a bariatric recliner chair is:

  1. Purpose and Design: Bariatric recliners are specifically crafted to provide support and comfort for individuals with obesity or significantly higher body mass. They are constructed with a robust and reinforced frame to withstand heavier loads.
  2. Weight Capacity: One of the defining features of a bariatric recliner is its significantly higher weight capacity compared to standard recliners. While regular recliners typically support up to 250-300 pounds, bariatric recliners can accommodate weights ranging from 350 pounds to well over 1,000 pounds, depending on the specific model.
  3. Wide Seating: These chairs offer wider seating areas and broader armrests to accommodate the dimensions of larger individuals comfortably. The extra width ensures that users have ample room to sit and relax without feeling confined.
  4. Enhanced Durability: Bariatric recliners are constructed with reinforced frames and heavy-duty materials to withstand the increased stress and wear associated with higher body weights. This durability ensures a longer lifespan for the chair.
  5. Safety Features: Safety is a top priority in bariatric recliner design. These chairs often incorporate features such as anti-tip mechanisms, sturdy locking mechanisms, and wide bases to prevent tipping or accidental falls while reclining or getting up from the chair.
  6. Comfort and Support: Bariatric recliners are designed to provide ergonomic support and cushioning to promote comfort for extended periods of sitting. This includes ample padding and lumbar support to reduce the risk of discomfort or pressure sores.
  7. Ease of Use: Many bariatric recliners are equipped with power reclining mechanisms, making it easier for users to adjust their position without exerting excessive physical effort.
  8. Cleaning and Maintenance: Bariatric recliners often feature easy-to-clean upholstery materials, as maintaining hygiene is essential for users with obesity-related health considerations.
  9. Healthcare Settings: Bariatric recliner chairs are commonly found in healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and bariatric clinics. They are used to provide comfortable seating options for patients and residents with obesity.

In summary, a bariatric recliner chair is a specialized piece of furniture designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with higher body weights. These chairs are built with enhanced durability, safety features, and ergonomic comfort to provide a comfortable and secure seating option for those who require extra support due to obesity or related health conditions.

Where Can I Buy? How Much Does a Good Recliner Cost?

There are many retailers in the market. You could go to Amazon or Big Lots. But before you do, you should keep an eye out for well-known and well-respected brands like Lazy Boy, Simmons, and Lane Home recliners.

There are certain choices outside of these brands, and it’s important to keep your options open.

As for cost, recliners typically cost anywhere from $250 to $5,000. On average, you would be spending around $500 for a sturdy and reliable recline that will last you many uses.

Where to Buy

However, it’s important to understand that you often get what you pay for. Although this doesn’t mean you automatically need to purchase the most expensive unit, you will need to spend a bit more if you want a truly durable recliner.

It’s a good practice to keep your eyes peeled and do thorough research on what your prospective chair’s performance is like.

Summary: there are many retailers that sell recliners. You’d do well to find a reputable retailer with good warranty and return policies in case of any unfortunate circumstances. That said, you should also be prepared to spend around $500 if you want a reliable and durable recliner.

The Final Verdict

Before we get to the nitty-gritty, I think it’s important to discuss that you should never compromise on your comfort.

The right for you may not be my best choice. And that’s okay. What you need to focus on when choosing any type of furniture are its comfort and functionality.

Make sure your recliner is both comfortable and has every function you need to make it as comfortable as possible. This could mean anything from a power reclining feature to a massage feature.

Ultimately, I found that the Stone & Beam Lauren Down Filled recliner to be the best choice. You’ll appreciate its no-nonsense functionality on top of its generous seat depth and very comfortable cushions.

I also personally enjoy the durable moisture and stain-resistant upholstery that is designed to last long with little to no wear and tear.

Having said that, there are certainly many options in the market. I completely understand that you might not like the Stone and Beam Lauren as much as I do, so feel free to do your research and look into the six other units I listed above. I’m very confident you’ll find the right addition to any room.